The Power of Mentorship and Breathwork: A Conversation with Samantha Skelly

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The Power of Mentorship and Breathwork: A Conversation with Samantha Skelly

As a podcaster, I've had the privilege of engaging in enlightening conversations with a variety of individuals. However, few have left as profound an impact on me as my recent guest, Samantha Skelly. I am thrilled to share the insights from our conversation, which revolved around mentorship, leadership, and the transformative power of breathwork.

A Mentor's Influence

I began our conversation by expressing my deep gratitude to Sam for their mentorship. Sam's guidance has been instrumental in my personal and professional growth. Their unique leadership style, which involves sharing both triumphs and trials, has significantly changed my life.

Sam's approach to leadership is rooted in authenticity and relatability. They believe in the importance of sharing not just the good moments, but also the challenging ones. This openness helps others feel connected and understood, reminding us that we are all human and that it's okay to have difficult times.

The Birth of Pause Breathwork

Our conversation took an exciting turn when I introduced Sam as the founder of Pause Breathwork. This introduction sparked a discussion about the courage it takes to follow one's passion and the clarity and inspiration that led Sam to start Pause Breathwork.

Sam shared the fascinating story of how the idea for Pause Breathwork came to them. It was a moment of clarity and inspiration that led to the creation of a platform that has since transformed many lives.

The Core Intention of Pause Breathwork

Sam's core intention at Pause Breathwork is to create unlimited abundance and collaboration. They believe that every person has a unique soul frequency that can be the perfect medicine for someone else. While not everyone will resonate with their message, Sam focuses on reaching those who do. Their motivation for doing this work is not for personal gain, but for the betterment of humanity and to awaken the world through the power of breathwork.

The Journey Towards Greatness

Sam's journey towards greatness didn't involve settling for a corporate job. Instead, they immersed themselves in environments that felt rich, such as test driving cars they couldn't afford and visiting upscale grocery stores. This practice emphasized the importance of environment and how it affects our energy.

As we do spiritual and energy work, we become more sensitive and aware, making these factors even more important. I agreed with Sam, adding that even the proximity to certain things can make a difference.

Taking Personal and Emotional Responsibility

Our conversation also touched on the importance of taking personal and emotional responsibility. Blaming external factors or other people is counterproductive and prevents personal growth. Leaders, according to Sam, do not blame or project. Instead, they acknowledge that challenges and triggers are opportunities for evolution and improvement.

We also discussed codependency and self-sabotage, noting that these behaviors can hinder personal development. We encouraged curiosity and reflection when faced with challenges, suggesting that these moments provide opportunities for learning and growth.

Money Mindset

Finally, we delved into the topic of money and how our mindset and past experiences can influence our relationship with it. Healing underlying energetic patterns and reframing our perspectives are crucial to avoid projecting negative beliefs onto money.

In conclusion, my conversation with Sam was a treasure trove of wisdom and insights. From the power of mentorship to the transformative potential of breathwork, we covered a range of topics that I believe will resonate with many. I am grateful to Sam for their mentorship, their authenticity, and for the life-changing work they are doing through Pause Breathwork.

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