About Me


Hey there! I'm Brenda, an energy expert, an empowerment coach, and an Advanced ThetaHealing® Meditation Technique Practioner.

 I've been in business since 2015.

WHAT I do:

I help people feel better!

Reducing stress, reclaiming time, increasing energy, releasing guilt. Letting go of patterns that aren't helping you, and identifying and saying YES to the things that matter most to you. I help people identify and shift thinking that holds them back. 



WHERE I do it:

Online!! Mostly. 

I'm available for limited in-person sessions when I travel and in the Portland, Oregon area.


WHY I do it:

I want to help people. You have something special that the world needs. The best way to heal the world is to help one person at a time find their purpose, their passion and peace. 

STRUGGLED in an abusive marriage. It took me years to recover from PTSD and unhealthy thinking (and behavior) patterns.

I figured out the keys to healing unhealthy patterns and it changed everything!

I want to help other people unlock their own happiness without the struggle.


How do online coaching or ThetaHealing Meditation Technique Sessions work?

We zoom. Your session can be done from your home, your car, a park bench or at the beach. No commute time! PLUS if you want, we can record your session and I'll send it to you within 24 hours so you can watch all the goodies we work on over and over. Your recorded sessions are a gold mine of information for you!

How are you qualified?

I have a masters degree in Educational Leadership, a BS in Music Education, and 26 years of experience in the elementary and choral music classroom. 

I became a healer and trained in the healing arts because I needed my own healing. I started my training in 2015 and opened this business in 2016.

Plus...I raised a kid on my own, worked full time, worked part-time jobs in choral arts organizations, started 3 businesses, got a master's degree in education, became a Reiki Master and an Advanced ThetaHealing Practioner - all while being a single mom. I know how to leverage my time and energy so I can still spend time with those I love. I know how to GET IT DONE, and how to have fun in the process. I love teaching how changing how you think can change your life. 

How come your clients love you?

I'm a shoot-it-straight lady. I'm intuitive, empathic, and see through the BS. I'm always kind and I won't waste your time. And I've been told I'm funny. I don't try to be! But people are often laughing when I'm around.

What is your superpower?

Hey. I don't just have one superpower. I'm able to quickly figure out the root of my clients' challenges. Remember that intuition I  talked about? I'm very strategic and a quick thinker. This means that I can solve problems quickly by developing step-by-step sequential solutions. As a trained and certified ThetaHealing practitioner I facilitate healing, and my clients get real results. See for yourself. Click here for testimonials. 

I'm loving this. What should I do next?

Well, I'm glad you asked! This is a choose-your-own-adventure moment!! You can:


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I want to feel like I have more time.

Got questions? Want to chat?

 Can't wait to hear from you.