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Breathwork Meditation for Embodiment

The “Must Have” Meditation and Breathwork for embodiment


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The next thing you know….


You’re confidently and unapologetically doing things that bring you joy. 


You used to be so focused on people’s approval that couldn’t admit to yourself what felt like fun. You felt like no one knew the real you - including you. That all shifted the moment you decided enough was enough and you started healing through consistent breathwork and somatic coaching. 


Now you are excited to live life on YOUR terms and you won’t have a second thought about sharing it with your loved ones. In fact, you can't believe how easy if feels to share!


You thought your people-pleasing would keep you stuck. You worried you would never feel like you really *lived*. 


But now the joy you feel every single day as you live your best life makes you grin from ear to ear. You understand that all you needed was to heal the parts of yourself you’d disowned and to connect to your inner sense of self to let go of the need for external approval and fear of judgment. 


You feel so proud of yourself. And you’re more hopeful and excited for what’s next because now you have the tools in place to release any fear or doubt that comes up.


This is what happens when you show up for yourself with consistent breathwork and somatic practices. When you are embodied. 

A Note from Brenda...


I help you say YES to the things that light you up and no to the things that don't with my unique blend of breathwork, somatic coaching and energy healing. 

I help intuitive women like you harness their natural gifts, learn about their energy in their second act so you can impact others, find your empowerment, and finally experience fulfillment and self-actualization you deserve.

I created this breathwork meditation, especially for you. I know you're going to love it. 

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