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Brenda Winkle is a mindset empowerment coach and an energy healer based in the Portland, Oregon area. She is the host and creator of the Waves of Joy Podcast.  Her mission is simple; to help people feel better!

Reducing stress, reclaiming time, increasing energy, and releasing guilt. Letting go of patterns that aren't helping you, and identifying and saying YES to the things that matter most to you. She helps people identify and shift thinking that holds them back. 

She says, "You have something special that the world needs. The best way to heal the world is to help one person at a time find their purpose, their passion and peace." 

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Podcast Analytics

The Waves of Joy podcast launched on April 12, 2022.

The podcast has nearly 1600 downloads over 31 episodes averaging 51 downloads per episode as of 9/27/2022.