How to create a calming and relaxing home office according to the pros (before and after photos)

a glimpse into my life feeling good home Jan 06, 2022

Creating home workspaces that allow you to blend work and home are more important since COVID than ever before.


Whether or not you have a home office, if you ever take work home, this blog is for you.

I was recently invited to guest post on Redfin for an article called "How to Create a Calming Home Office". How exciting is that!?! Here is the LINK to the post 

I sold my three-bedroom home which included my home office and moved into a two-bedroom townhouse with a nook in August this year when I moved to Portland. 

Not to worry! Having a calming home office plan was on my mind from the beginning. This all timed out PERFECTLY because my new office nook transformation happened just before Christmas. 

Huge thanks to Andrea from the Pearl District office California Closets, my makeover is stunning! I'm ridiculously happy and grateful!! 

And the before and after photos??? Yowza. I'm embarrassed by the before! But you need to see this to believe it. 



Pretty stunning, right? 

The flow...

None of this - the move, the new remodel, the new job, would have happened unless I got out of my own way. It was so simple and in my new free video course, I teach you how to do it. It will literally change your life. I know you're busy, so I designed it to be able to watch OR listen. So take it on the go. 


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