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Topics for media and podcasts: 

Your YES-Filled Life (Signature Talk) - What are you actually saying YES to that's not really a YES? By shifting this you can begin to say no to the good to be able to say yes to the great.

The Lie of the Comfort Zone - The comfort zone is anything but comfortable. It's familiar. 

Breathe Your Way to the Top - Breathwork is a powerful healing modality that can shift beliefs and expand the capacity for your YES. Increase productivity, enhance creativity, unleash motivation all with the power of breath.

The YES-Filled Leader - Leading from the YES. Your capacity to say "No" determines your capacity to YES to greater things


  • Breathwork Session For Corporate, Education and Retreats
  • Breathwork and Meditation for Reducing Escalated Behaviors in Students
  • Meditation for Corporate, Education or Retreats
  • Breathwork for parents and kids
  • Say no to the good (or not so good) to say YES to the great.
  • Reducing Stress to Increase Productivity
  • Radical Self-Care to Increase Energy and Reduce Burnout

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Finding Your Yes-Filled Life


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