More about my client Nancy

May 22, 2022
More about my client Nancy

This is the second special episode of the Waves of Joy podcast featuring a ThetaHealing® Meditation Technique session with a brave client, Nancy. This is our 2nd session together. 

We talked about losing her parents, losing all of her finances, and restarting her life. 


Grief comes in many forms.

Sometimes it's obvious. It's easy to understand where grief comes from and what it's about. 

Other times, grief is more subtle. And the grief we experience throughout our lives in small ways comes to the surface when something big happens. 

This is the case for Nancy. As we dealt with the grief of losing her parents, we uncovered a lot of grief in other places: feelings of abandonment, unforgiveness, and more. One of the most transformative moments is when Nancy was able to forgive herself.

You can hear the emotion in both of our voices. It was a big moment.

I'd love for you to have a listen. We talk about issues around losing parents, financial hardships, and more. You know yourself better than anyone. If you think that might be hard for you to listen to, come back next week. But if you've been feeling like you might be the only one carrying hard feelings, give this a listen. It's powerful. 

I've been doing the ThetaHealing technique since 2016.(click for more info)  I found the ThetaHealing technique because I was trying to heal PTSD trauma caused by an abusive marriage and change unhealthy patterns. I kept getting in my own way! 

ThetaHealing has completely changed my life! I'm calmer and more grounded. My relationships are healthy and fulfilling. I'm living a dream life in a place I've always wanted to live. I can't wait for you to experience the possibilities the Thetahealing Technique offers.

ThetaHealing Meditation Technique Sessions can help you:

  • Find more joy
  • Feel better
  • Improve your sleep
  • Heal thought patterns
  • Heal childhood memories
  • Learn to rely on your intuition 
  • Remove emotional blocks so you can get out of your own way
  • Release Resentment and Fear
  • Create a more positive life
  • Change unwanted or unhealthy patterns
  • Improve your physical & emotional health
  • Achieve more harmony in your relationships


Did you know...

  • Theta is the brain state.  
  • Your subconscious runs 90% of your programming? 
  • By consciously shifting your unconscious beliefs, you can create instant changes

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Here is a free ThetaHealing meditation for you to try 


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