Easy ways to increase your worth

emotional health law of attraction spiritual healing weekly affirmation Aug 07, 2017

How much are you worth? 

How much are you worth? Have you wondered if there are ways to increase your worth? I’m not talking about money or your net worth. I’m talking about your sense of self-value. Even more specifically, I’m talking about the value that you communicate to yourself, the people around you and to the universe. There are some easy ways to increase your worth. But first, a little about self talk.

Have you ever engaged in some negative self talk? Well, if you are human, the answer is probably yes. Negative self-talk is literally poison. It poisons your self-esteem, your sense of worth and can even negatively affect your relationships.

The scary road I went down

When I came back from the trip I mentioned last week, I had a sense of let down. It had been so exciting, so wonderful to see my friends and family. I loved being with my daughter all day every day, doing fun things. Getting back into regular life was surprisingly hard. After being literally inundated with people, I experienced a sense of loneliness.

That’s when I went down a very scary road…the negative self-talk road.

I leaned into my loneliness, which is actually a good thing. You know, you have to feel your feelings to get through them. But then I took a mis-step. After I leaned into the loneliness, I sort of, well… I fell in.

Rather than being self-reflective about where my life has been and where it was going, I began to beat myself up. I began to catalog my past relationships with friends and lovers that hadn’t turned out the way I’d hoped….and for a whole day – engaged in some terrible thoughts about myself. Thoughts like, “No wonder you are alone.” Ouch.

Thankfully it lasted only one day. At the end of the day, I was meditating on the terrible feelings I’d had during the day and realized what I had done to myself. I forgave myself for the negative self-talk, forgave myself for the past failures (and this is something I have to do from time to time… forgiveness isn’t a one time event), and went to sleep.

When I woke up, I immediately put my tools into place and used them. When you turn to spiritual tools, the beautiful thing is, they always work.

I realized that these tools are not only for getting out of a funk…but they increase our own sense of worth. I felt like a different woman the day I put my spiritual tools back into place. So I really wanted to share them with you.

Why increasing our worth increases so many other things

When we truly value ourselves, there are some things that we do. And those same things are things that we can * begin* to do that will increase our own sense of value and worth. Not only will we feel an increase in our sense of wealth but by being in that feeling, we will begin to have situations and circumstances that mirror that increase. Some call it the “Law of Attraction”. You attract more of what you think and feel into your life.

Ever had a great day that just kept getting better? That’s the law at work. For more on the Law of Attraction you may enjoy this post. So how do we tap into it?

There are some easy ways to increase your worth and to increase the abundance that flows into your life. Keep in mind that abundance in universal terms can mean abundance of love, friendship, success, spirituality or material wealth.


Easy ways to increase your worth

There are some easy ways to increase your worth.

  1. Ask for help. Ask whoever you resonate with for help… Spirit, Source, God, The Universe, Creator of All That Is. Asking for help creates a shift.
  2. Forgive yourself for any past negativity or mistakes. You will likely need to repeat this step from time to time.
  3. Rest when you are tired. When you are tired you are more likely to engage in negative behaviors of all types: overeating, over indulging in alcohol or caffeine, being grumpy with people, etc.
  4. Eat when you are hungry (and don’t eat when you are not hungry). Ever heard the term “hangry”? Well, that’s a real thing. When we get too hungry, many of us feel angry about practically anything.
  5. Connect with someone. Call a neighbor, go to an exercise class, get together with a friend, go to a worship service, treat yourself to a cup of coffee at a coffee shop and strike up a conversation with someone,  even getting out to a store to talk with the cashiers can help. Be cautious with social media that you aren’t using it to replace human connection, but it can also be a good way to feel less lonely.
  6. Exercise. It really is the best medicine. It will raise your endorphins and make you feel better. Seriously!
  7. Spend within your means. This means financially, time-wise, and energy wise. Giving more than you have causes bankruptcy of your bank account, your time or your energy.
  8. Continue to choose to see love in everything you witness. It will shift everything in a more positive direction. I have an alarm on my phone that goes off at noon every day reminding me of this.

What happened next?

I put all those tools to work and almost immediately felt better. By the end of the same day I’d begun to use the tools again, I was back to my normal happy self. I felt better about myself and had stopped the spiral of negative self talk. And I made a decision, I’m ready to give up the single life so I started dating again. That decision felt great, too.

I hope this serves you and makes a difference for you. Please consider sharing this or clicking “like” if you enjoyed it.

All my love to you!