Two top ways to cultivate the changes you want

creating change dealing with change feel better Oct 23, 2021

In my last blog post, I talked about using a flipping a coin to make a decision. The next day, I got a text from my parents… they had bought a place in Madison, Wisconsin and were moving away from Boise. We (my daughter and I) mobilized to help support them in that move that would happen just 10 weeks later. I was also seeking change but wasn’t talking about it.

I had taken two courses – at the same time (!!) – on manifesting in January. I was working on creating some change in my own life. I felt excited, energized and happy. The happier I got in my life the way it existed, the more things changed.

Real change comes when you embrace your current situation

If you are also seeking change, my advice might surprise you:

  1. Embrace and learn to love your current situation
  2. Take action in a lot of directions at the same time, without being attached to the results

While working on your change (applying for jobs, looking for houses, going on dates) be conscious about having the intent to fall madly in love with your current situation. It’s the secret sauce to manifesting change. LOVE YOUR LIFE. And continue to take action. Keep focused on the feeling you want to feel while you take action in the direction of the change you want.

Take action without becoming attached to the results

What does that look like? In my case, I put effort in many directions – all of which I would have been happy about.

I applied for jobs, I house-hunted around the country. I had realtors in 4 states. I kept my goal in front of me and I took a lot of action in many directions. I applied for jobs in California, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Oregon, Washington, Nebraska and Michigan. At the same time, I was deeply investing time and energy into my current position building relationships with colleagues and producing some of the best teaching in my career.

At first, it seemed like the change that I had created was pure happiness in my current situation. I mean… I applied for 100s of jobs without a single response. That was ok with me, I was having so much fun in my current role that I decided I was open to staying in exactly the same job in the same town. I fell even more madly in love with my job in Boise, my staff and my friends. This is an example of the first tip: Embrace and learn to love your current situation.

That’s when the magic happened.

Within one 3 day period, I became I a finalist for 4 jobs in three states. I truly wanted all of them. The people I was interviewing with were smart, kind, really good at what they do. But one made my heart literally beat faster. The job paid more money than I ever thought I could make as a teacher, provided me with teaching partners and support, offered a schedule more humane than I’ve ever experienced with time for resetting equipment and/or bathroom breaks multiple times a day (ask a teacher, this is not often the case) and set in the Pacific Northwest which is one of my favorite places on the planet. it was a done deal.

I chose to move to the Portland, Oregon area! I’m within 1.5 hours of the ocean, the mountains, many rivers, hiking, and I live within 10 minutes of world renowned wine country and 15 minutes from downtown Portlands. It’s literally a dream come true!

Love your live AND be open to change

When you truly love your life and the people in it – and you are intentional about it – your life can change in ways you can’t imagine. As I’m writing this, I’m listening to the sound of the Pacific Ocean with the door of my Oceanside suite on the Oregon Coast. We’ve come here to celebrate my daughter’s 20th birthday. My parents flew in to join us, and it’s been wonderful!

If you don’t follow me on Facebook (click here to do that) or Instagram (click here to follow me on Instagram) you might not know we lost Sadie on Labor Day this year. It was heartbreaking and we are still healing from that.

Yet, we are marinating in the gratitude we feel for being able to spend such rich time with Hutch. He loves the ocean, understands how to ride in elevators, loves to eat in restaurants and go shopping in the stores. Dogs are so welcome in Oregon !! One more reason to love it here.

Do you have a story you can share about creating change in your life? I’d LOVE to hear your story!! Please reach out!

All my love …. From the beautiful state of Oregon, USA.

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Hutch napping after lunch near the sea lion docks in Newport, Oregon

A perfect (windy) day at Yaquina Bay in Newport, Oregon