Thursday Tip – Does May have you feeling frazzled? Try this.

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May can be hard, especially if you are in education or have kids in school. But it doesn’t have to be!! We all have lots of demands on our time and attention in the month of May. I have found the way to successfully navigate a busy time is to get grounded. Today’s tip is an easy way to get more grounded.

To be grounded means you are focused, centered and proactive. Being grounded means that you are so focused you don’t react to situations or help around you. When you are grounded you can be calm, assertive and clear. Ready to get grounded? It’s easy.

Go outside! Get in touch with the ground. Get your hands in the dirt. Buy some seeds, or some plants. Plant something. Don’t like to get your hands dirty? Don’t worry, I don’t either. Get a pair of gloves you love and wear them while you work. I know, I know… it’s funny to have someone who doesn’t like to get her hands dirty telling you to play in the dirt. But I bet I’m not the only one who feels that way.

Or maybe planting things doesn’t sound appealing. No problem! Go outside and sit on a bench. Listen to the wind in the trees. Listen to the birds singing. Relax and be in the moment. Take some time to feel the air as it enters and exits your nose. Feel the sunshine on your skin. Ok…I bet you are ready to watch!

Click here to check out this week’s two minute video.

Have a great week!

Love and light to you!


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