Reiki?!? What’s reiki? And it’s also for pets?

boise Feb 28, 2016

Reiki. Have you heard of it?

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) a form of energy healing from Japan. Maybe you wonder what energy healing is? At one point, I was wondering. So I’ll approach this post as though you wonder, too.

Our bodies have 7 energetic centers that control and manage our physical body. Those energetic centers are most commonly known as Chakras. If you practice yoga, you’ll certainly have heard of chakras. The chakras I’m talking about are exactly the same.

When our chakras are open and balanced, we feel good. Our bodies and minds function at optimal levels.

When our chakras are out of balance, closed, or too open we experience discomfort and dis-ease (disease). It’s not easy every day to stay balanced, is it? Sometimes we might have a hard day. Our bodies might get congested in certain areas. This causes mental and physical symptoms.

Can balancing chakras ease physical symptoms? Absolutely! Reiki, or any energy healing is not a cure. Reiki, or any energy healing, should not be used instead of conventional medical care but as a supplement.  That said, Reiki can do amazing and miraculous things!

Reiki helps balance the chakras which promotes your body’s natural ability to heal. Reiki can help heal the physical body as well as your emotional body. Many people find reiki not only eases physical symptom along with reducing pain and muscle tension, but people find that reiki helps them to be calmer, more grounded, less anxious, less reactive, more kind, more patient and more loving. And… reiki helps promote deep, healing sleep so people often have a fantastic sleep the night after their treatment and for several days after. Getting better sleep also helps promote your body’s natural healing ability.

Prior to 2014, I had heard of reiki but never experienced it. My dear friend, Cathy Kearns of Reiki Renewal, gave me a business card for a massage therapist (who is now my massage therapist!) that said reiki on the bottom. I told Cathy I was interested in learning more and it turned out that she was a reiki master! She offered me a session. I loved it! I became a regular. Here’s what to expect at a reiki session:

Reiki is performed with you fully clothed while laying on a massage table. You might feel warmth or gentle pressure in some areas. You will be very, very, very relaxed much like the warm, glowy feeling you get when you have a massage. The big difference is that feeling lasts up to 2 weeks!!

After becoming a regular client, I decided I wanted to be able to offer reiki to my family and pets. I have aging pets and wanted to be able to ease them through their golden years. Here’s a recent iPhone photo of my fur babies. Left to right… Sadie (5), Stella (8), Hutch (5), Eva (10).

I completed Usui Reiki I in June 2015 through Reiki Renewal. I was blown away by the wonderful ways reiki changed my life! I knew immediately I wanted to complete the next level. I completed Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki II in September, 2015 and am now enrolled in the Reiki Master Series at Reiki Renewal. I’m more excited than ever!

Cathy was contacted by Cynthia Hernandez of about reiki for pets. Knowing my passion for pets, specifically dogs, Cathy gave Cynthia my name. We talked for a long time and Cynthia included both Cathy and me on an article she wrote. The article Cynthia wrote about reiki for pets can be viewed here.

I’m incredibly excited about this new venture into reiki! I have office space beginning March 1 and will be meeting all future clients in a beautiful private space. You have the chance to take advantage of my learning curve as I work to complete my reiki master series. You can enjoy a session for $40 for humans and $20 for pets. Full disclosure, that rate will go up once I become a Reiki Master. If you want to check it out, you can book a session here.

Have questions? Let’s talk! I’d love to answer your questions. Either comment here with questions or message me privately.

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