Looking for stress relief?Try this…

law of attraction weekly affirmation Jan 20, 2017

Looking for stress relief? Try this….

Let’s face it. Things are stressful right now and many of us can use some stress relief. We have the energy surrounding the inauguration, the hearings regarding the nominees to the cabinet and so much more happening this week. It feels like it’s been almost a full year of politics, tension, anxiety and hate. Now we are in the January doldrums where the romance of the pre-holiday snowflakes has worn off and we have received the first of the credit card invoices reflecting our Decembers. In Boise, where I live, we have had 8 snow days since the beginning of 2017 – which is unprecedented. It can be cloudy, snow, and cold. It’s time for an attitude adjustment and some changes.

It’s been said that love is the most powerful force on the planet. I believe that. We see references to the power of love throughout music and literature. We see it in The Bible and in A Course in Miracles. There must be something to it, right? Even the Kid President references love on his video about Martin Luther King, Jr. He said, “Love does that. It just keeps going, even when things get dark.” Isn’t that awesome??

Love is a lot like light.

Love is a lot like light. You see, where there is light, darkness cannot exist. The same is true for love. Where there is love, fear and hate cannot exist. It might not feel like love makes that big of a difference, but trust me. It does.

Do you realized you can be in the driver’s seat on this? You can choose to see more love. The choices to act with love and to feel love are yours.

Choosing love

This means we have a conscious choice to make. We can choose love. Every time you choose to see, feel or act with love, you are part of a miracle.

You’ll begin to see real changes in your perceptions when you choose love.This leads to significant stress relief. One of my daily mantras is “I choose to see love in this” from Gabrielle Bernstein’s “May Cause Miracles”. It makes a huge difference!

When things are easy, this almost seems unnecessary. But when things are hard or scary, making the choice to see love will literally change your experience. You will begin to relax. You will feel less fear. The situation will feel more manageable and even if things seem dire, by choosing love you’ll have a sense of peace to be able to more forward.

Choose love today and every day. Join me. I choose to see love in this.


All my love,