How to be spiritual and be involved with social policy and social justice

Nov 10, 2016
I’m going off my usual affirmation for Friday to address what’s happened this week. We are all feeling a bit off-center after this year’s election cycle. It was a brutal election. No doubt some of us are elated with the results while others of us are devastated. This has truly been eye opening in regards to social policy and social justice.
But for today…we are going to talk about how we can connect spirituality with social policy and social justice.
Something that the election revealed is that we have a lot of hate in this country. There is a great deal we have to fix. I don’t pretend to have all the answers. I’ve had several conversations this week about how we can be spiritual and involved in social policy and social justice. Here is how we can connect them.

The connection of spirituality to social policy and social justice

Social policy and social justice are not merely political issues. They are spiritual issues.
Anytime we view someone as “other” from us, we are strengthening a separation from love. A separation from love means a separation from Source, God, The Universe, Spirit, High Self or whatever term you feel most comfortable using.  When we are separated from love, we often take a dip into judgment. Judgment is determining that someone or something is good or bad. There are a few problems with judgement.
When we judge someone, we are feeling fear. Perhaps we are judging a shadow part of ourselves. This plants a very dangerous seed of self hate. Or it might be that the seed of self-hate is already planted, and you just fertilized it. Sometimes when we judge we are doing so out of fear. We fear that *we* may become the “other” if we don’t marginalize someone different from us first. This reveals a scarcity mentality.

Applying an abundance mindset to social policy and social justice

It is only by returning to and choosing love that we can break this cycle. We need more love in the world. A good place to start is by loving ourselves and withholding judgment: from ourselves and from others. Return to love.
Remember there is no real separation from you and the other. You ARE the other. You are someone who wants to love and be loved, someone who wants to be safe and you are someone who wants to be valued and respected. The other person wants those things, too.
You don’t have to (and wont’!) understand everyone. You don’t even have to like everyone. You don’t have to agree with everyone, especially in politics. And you can still choose love.
By choosing to love everyone you experience a shift. When you give love, you are more ready to receive love.  There truly is enough love to go around.
Love is infinite and the most powerful energy there is.
All my love,