Accessing your own inner travel map

boise weekly affirmation Dec 23, 2016

Our blog post today surprised me. I thought I’d be led to post something about Christmas or holidays. For all of my posts, I turn to my Source ask for guidance and then go meditate. Our topics come up within my meditations.

This week In my meditations as I was seeking guidance, I continued to receive the same message. “You already know.” And I do. And I have good news for you!! You also know. That’s good news because we don’t all have access to a travel map. Turns out, we may not need it! Wait. Are you asking, know “what”? Well… you already know all you need to know about a decision you are trying to make. For example… a lot of us use this time of year to think about our lives.

This time of year finds many of us feeling reflective. We consider our year, our lives, our families, goals and dreams. I always use Christmas and New Year’s as a sort of litmus test. Am I feeling the same or better than last year? Why or why not? What should I be doing differently or continuing to do? In essence, I’m plotting my travel map into the next year.

Be your own inner travel map

You already know what to do. You know which is the right way to go. The right decision isn’t a mystery, you know.
How do you know you know? You know because you can feel it. Tapping into your body’s responses tells you all that you need to know.
Yeah, yeah… I know. We need to be logical. We need to make careful decisions. But sometimes we need to follow our gut even though we don’t know why we are being led to do something. Here’s why.
When your body feels relaxed yet energized you know that you are on the right path. Tension or pain is an indication you are out of alignment with your Source. That luscious feeling of contentment you get when you consider what it is you really want to do or you get when you are with a particular person (or group of people) is really enough to tell you what you need to know.
Let your body to tell you what your soul already knows. You don’t have to overthink or labor over a decision. Your body will tell you what the goal is for you. Feeling relaxed and at peace will let you know that you are on the right track.
Keep in mind that if you don’t know… that’s can also be an answer. Often times when we thing we don’t know, it isn’t always that we aren’s sure what we want to do or what we should do. Not knowing can be an unwillingness to face what we know.
So again.. our message this week is… You already know.
SO much love and light to you. Merry Christmas to you all!!