Keys to Resilience

emotional health emotions feel better feeling good waves of joy May 01, 2022

Resilience is the ability to bounce back after something hard. You rely on your resilience more than you probably think... after a tough conversation, a hard day, a diagnosis, or maybe after feeling a little low.

Resilience is what allows you to reclaim joy.

The key to being resilient is to make sure you are balanced and grounded, and the best way to be balanced and grounded is no mystery. Self-care is THE most impactful thing you can do be make sure you are balanced, grounded, and able to bounce back. 

I know you hear about self-care all the time. I'm not talking about the monthly massage or pedicure.

Self-care is deep care of your whole being and includes care for your mind, body, and spirit. 

In this week's podcast episode I talk about the 9 things you can do every day to feel good in mind, body, and spirit. I'm also telling you a story from my week and sharing how I almost got stuck in the feeling bad, and how I shifted back into joy. 

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I have a free gift for you, too.


I have a free resource that provides a checklist with 9 things you can do every day to feel good. This might give you a laugh...but the link is called 7 steps because at one time there were only 7. But now there are 9 so it's like you get two for free. Oops. And you're welcome. 

You can grab your free checklist here 

I guarantee you will feel better even by the end of day 1!!



In case you don't plan to listen and want to know what the checklist contains, here you go...

1. Proper hydration (2.5 liters a day of water for women and 3 liters a day for men)

2. Zip up your energy (directions are on the free resource)

3. Use timers to break down overwhelming tasks AND to build in time to do things that bring you joy every day

4. Schedule time to rest/recharge every day

5. Set an intention for your day

6. Eat 3-5 fresh fruits/veggies daily (2 - 2.5 cups)

7. Call, text, message a friend just to say hi

8. Move your body for 30 minutes

9. Do something just for fun

Which one will you make sure to do today???

 Oh! And This is the free resource for plant-based boundaries and if you are curious about eating plant-based. 

All my love,