I bet you didn't know this about me...

courses finding joy Feb 13, 2022

You might see me and think there’s something special about me that allows me to be happy. The truth is, I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression at different points in my life - just like you. 


Sometimes it was biological (post-partum) and sometimes it was situational (abusive marriage, toxic job).  It’s not that I have some happy gene or magic juice I drink that makes me happy and live a joyful life. 


It’s through my own experiences - and my own need to learn how - that I’ve been a devoted student and have come to learn HOW to be happy, joyful, and in the flow. I have LEARNED how to do this. That's good news because since I learned, YOU can learn, too.  I want to teach you how. 



So many times we just want to get to the destination. This way of thinking… I’ll be happy when____, I’ll be joyful if___, I’ll feel loved if…. 


The media makes this seem normal, right? We see it in movies and on commercials. But what if I told you that point is to enjoy the JOURNEY? The riches are found in the journey - the memories, the things you learn, the people you meet, the things you do… not the destination. I mean, the destination is great… but the juicy stuff is in the journey.

But look, I get it. It can be scary to feel joy. Brene’ Brown’s research on shame and vulnerability revealed that most of us are deeply afraid to feel joy. We worry that if we feel joy and then the situation changes, we’ll be so devastated we won’t recover. 

What I’ve come to understand in my body of work is this: when we learn to live in joy it insulates us from the hard things. We still feel them, things can still happen, but when we understand how to experience joy as part of our daily lives… we are resilient, happier, calmer, have less stress. 

One of the pillars I teach about in my free masterclass is how to find more joy. And how to stop being afraid of feeling joy! 

There’s still time for you to join me and here’s a link to sign up. It’s called 5 pillars for working moms… but you don’t have to be working and you don’t have to be a mom. 

I just added another session!! And if you can’t join me live, no worries… I’ll send you the replay via email and you can watch it through 2/22/22. 



In my new signature program, “Yes Academy” the primary focus is on how to experience more joy. I’m so proud of this program! This is a supercharged version that includes bonuses with high vibe creators all over the world! 



You’ll have access to me for 12 weeks. I’ll be your coach inside this program every step of the way. I’m going to help you find more joy, more love, worry less, release guilt and perfectionism, get out of your own way AND get more aligned so you can easily connect to Source. I'm going to walk you through 8 modules so that you can learn to work with your ego and help yourself feel safe enough to experience joy... so your higher self can come through. 


Some of the best and brightest creators are ALSO teaching bonus workshops inside of Yes Academy. You’ll learn about nutrition, crystals, Feng Shui, setting up spaces for better sleep, how to create digital vision boards. I have CHILLS!! I’m SO excited.


I want you to join me. 


What could your life be like if you learn how to tap into joy ALL the time? What would you do if you KNEW  how to be in the flow ALL the time? And how to get BACK in the flow if you fall out? What to do to feel better if something hard happens? 


What would you do if you could get rid of the guilt? Ditch the fear? Release the perfectionism? 


What would your life be like if you just felt a liiiiitle bit better? Had a liiiitle more hope? What would that feel like?


What do you dream of being able to do? How do you want to FEEL?? If you want to live in JOY and learn to lean on LOVE… you need Yes Academy. You deserve it. 


You can check it out here.


And look. The world NEEDS you. The world needs what you bring and who you are. So if I'm not the right teacher for you, I can help you FIND someone who is a better fit. I have lots of resources.


Reach out with any questions!! I’m here to serve.

 Here's the link to check it out again one more time. The doors are open only until 2/21/22 when we begin the course. Together we can make joy our superpower.

All my love,