Surviving to Thriving 

5 Pillars for Working Moms       



Remember when you felt your best?
Like when you could take on the world and anything that came up?
Or maybe... things have felt hard for a long time. Forever.  It was hard before kids... but now it's REALLY hard.

Nothing is wrong with you. I promise. 

We get a little less invincible and the stress starts to build up.
Sometimes it’s age, other times it’s schedules, and then there are those times we know that something is "off". 
Sometimes things have been hard for so long we don't know what to do to make them easier.
  • What if your life could be filled with less chaos and more calm? 
  • With time to go to the bathroom  - alone. And not have to answer emails from the toilet.
  • What would it be like to have time to take care of yourself- WITHOUT the guilt. Go to yoga, get a haircut, go to the gym, get a massage... all without the guilt. 
  • What would balance between work, life and kids feel like? How would spend your weekends and holidays with more balance?


 I'll show you how to create that  with 5 pillars: intention, time, energy, balance, and ditching the guilt and fear.

I KNOW you're busy and that taking an hour out of your life is HUGE. 

But I promise that this hour is going to SAVE you hours. I'll show you how to have more time. More energy. More balance. Less guilt.

"Brenda helps you identify any block you have put on yourself. Then Brenda gives you step by step guidance to eliminate those blocks. Since working with Brenda, I carve out more time for myself in my schedule. I have more fun without the guilt. I am on my priority list now! "


More joy and ease? YES, please!

A replay is available if you can't attend live.

Whether you are the mom of littles or teens



  • You're exhausted a lot of the time.
  • You feel like you don't have enough time in the day.  
  • You feel guilty even thinking about taking time away from the family. You do it, but you feel guilty.
  • You wish you were more engaged in your life. It feels like you are on autopilot. In survival mode.
  • You crave harmony in your relationships so much that it's hard to talk about the things you need.
  • You want to make confident decisions and stop overthinking.
  • It's hard for you to know anymore what you want or to even imagine you can have it.


A Note From The Instructor...

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More joy and ease? YES, please!

(Replay available if you can't attend live)