When women already know what to do…

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Many of my regular readers are women. Here is a shout out to the men who also frequent my blog! This blog affects both men and women today, but I’m writing to the women. So men, if you feel compelled I hope you share this with the women you love. Women, please share this with all the women and girls in your life.

Making decisions as women

As women, so many times, we know in our heart of hearts what we want to do. We know what we need to do to take care of ourselves, our careers and our families. We know intuitively the right things.

Yet, because some of us may have been inadvertently socialized to defer to others, we ask opinions or feedback from our friends and family. Our current political climate seems intent on silencing women, which makes owning our own decisions that much more difficult.

We wait to see what *they* think before acting on the decision we’ve already quietly made. I’m guilty, too. In fact, this has been something I’ve really worked on in the last few years.

They have noticed that in recent years, they don’t hear from me until after my decision has been made. When I talk about a decision, I am not looking for validation. I am sharing my life with those around me who I care about. There is a dramatic energetic shift from living this way as compared to the person I used to be…when I was asking others what they thought.

Now I realize that it can be scary to stand up and make your own decisions. It is particularly un-nerving when the people in power in the United States seem intent on taking away any decision making power women have and punishing the women who do stand up. This makes it that much more important for us to rise up, stand up and own our own decisions.

Take back your own power

Women, I invite you to rise up. Be the woman of influence you are destined to be. Own your own decisions. Do your own research. Trust that you know enough, are smart enough and intuitive enough to make your own decisions without having to survey those around you. You can, of course, share with those around you. But don’t give away your power by waiting to decide until you hear what your loved ones think.

Your loved ones ultimately don’t want the responsibility of being the force that pushed you into a certain decision. If you have controlling loved ones, that could be another story. But for those in healthy relationships, your loved ones will be relieved that you make your own decisions.

You can own your own power and still be kind. If people are used to you doing what they want, they may not like your new decisiveness but that doesn’t mean you are being mean. This is YOUR life to live. Deciding what is right for you is not being mean.

Need help taking back your own power? 

I needed help to take back my own power. I’d given it all away to an abusive ex-husband. Then I gave it away to a boyfriend who didn’t treat me well. It took getting strong on my own, learning to trust my own instincts and having faith in my spiritual connection to take back my own power.

I want to help you do the same thing.

That’s a big motivation for me in launching Soul Food. This will be a spiritual subscription program designed to put you in touch with your own spiritual connections. This program will help you learn to take back your own power and develop faith in your own abilities. At it’s core, Soul Food offers spiritual guidance on how to get more in touch with the spiritual guidance all around each and every one of us. It isn’t exclusive to women, but will definitely geared toward’s women’s experiences.

I hope you’ll check it out. You can begin buying your subscriptions on May 20 with the first month’s links being sent out on June 1. I’ll send a link to the newsletter subscribers so make sure you’re signed up to receive the newsletter.

But stay tuned because on May 20, I will kick off the enrollment of Soul Food by launching a video where I talk about ways to stay strong in your own power while maintaining loving relationships!

You’ve got this, girl. Own your own glorious power.

All my love,