Weekly Affirmation-When you let go, you’ll know

emotional health healing positive thinking weekly affirmation Jul 22, 2016

Have you ever had a situation that you kept thinking about, and thinking about and thinking about? You tried to make a decision, or solve the problem, and just kept thinking about it. Maybe you even made a list of pros and cons. You probably talked about it with your friends and family, and just kept thinking about it. Today’s weekly affirmation deals with this. The affirmation of the week is, “When you let go, you’ll know”.

Let go of what?

We have to let go of our should-a, could-a, would-a’s. We have to let go of what we think other people will think. We have to let go of what we think we are *supposed* to do. Let go, and just be.

In that moment when you really let go, you will know. It will be so simple you will wonder what took you so long to figure it out.

A personal story of something I had to let go…

It’s not a secret I love dogs. I always have. I’ve had a dog for much of my life.

I got involved in pet rescue a few years ago which is something I really wanted to do. It has been a true blessing in my life! I started out just adopting rescue pets. Then I graduated to being a volunteer photographer for a pet rescue organization. Last year, I took the plunge and became a pet foster parent. We had four foster dogs last year, and our last foster was Bridget. My daughter promptly began calling her Eva, and the name stuck..even Eva seemed to love it. Eva is what we call in the rescue community a “foster fail”. 

A foster fail is a foster pet who gets adopted by their foster family. It’s not really a fail at all!

Eva has been with us for the past year. By us, I mean my daughter and our three other dogs.


Eva fit right in with us. We fell immediately in love with her and only fostered her for about 3 weeks when we decided to adopt her. She loved us, too!!

But something began to change. Over the past few months, Eva became more and more isolated. She spends long periods of time by herself in my room or outside in the grass. When the other three dogs are outside, she becomes my companion and follows me around. I finally let go of trying to handle this on my own with daily reiki treatments, individual field trips out, special one-on-one attention, etc. I emailed the Fuzzy Pawz Rescue director for advice. She told me that Evan was showing signs of stress seen in dogs who feel overwhelmed.

My heart sank. You see, on some level, I’d known this. It wasn’t until I let go of trying to force the situation I was able to accept it. But the moment I let go, I knew. I knew that the best thing, the highest good, is to help Eva find a home where she can be the one and only dog. Because I love this little dog, I’ve begun the process of finding a new home for our beloved Eva where she can be someone’s only princess. That’s what she wants, you know…. to be a princess. And she is! This little girl prances, smiles and stomps her feet to communicate.

Even though I am sad, I feel a sense of renewed peace because I’m doing the best thing for Eva. My other three are so in sync with each other they will be fine. We will all miss her. But it’s time to let go. If you’d like more information on Eva/Bridget you can see her adoption profile at Fuzzy Pawz Rescue.

I could worry about what people will think. (How COULD you find your dog another home? Wasn’t this  a lifetime commitment!?!)  I could hold myself to perfection. (You will get this figured out if you just keep trying.) But I let go. And when I did, I quickly found the right thing to do that has given me a sense of peace. And you can let go, too!!

What can you let go of?

Are there things you are holding onto tightly that are causing you stress, worry or unhappiness? What can you let go of? I invite you to share with us. Leave a comment below.

All my love,