Weekly Affirmation – On Success

emotional health manifesting positive thinking weekly affirmation Jul 15, 2016

This week’s affirmation on success came to me by synchronicity. I had gone to my bookshelf to look for a particular book when Noah St. John’s book “Permission to Succeed” caught my eye instead. I opened the book to a random page is it is the perfect jumping off point for this week’s affirmation on success.

“Permission to Succeed”

On page 100, St. John says:

Remember, trying to change your life through motivation or positive thinking alone is like driving east looking for the sunset. Your desire to see the sunset may be very strong; you may be an incredibly talented driver; you may be driving the most expensive car in the world; and you may be moving very fast toward your goal. But you’ll never see the sunset as long as you are headed in the wrong direction. 

If we’re unconsciously stopping oursevles from success (because we inwardly believe we can’t, shouldn’t, or aren’t allowed to succeed), we can think positively, write goals and work hard night and days…but we will never let ourselves success.”

Success is yours! 

Noah St. John is absolutely correct. If our internal dialogue, or the way we talk to ourselves, is negative: we can sabotage ourselves. That’s why the way this week’s affirmation is phrased will really help! By being WILLING to allow yourself to succeed, you begin to shift your internal dialogue which will shift your experience. Your experience always, without fair, mirrors back to you what you are thinking.

Change your thinking and change your life! Say this out loud today at least 5 times. For “bonus points” say this while looking at yourself in the mirror! Don’t get worried if you get emotional. That only means you really need this. Ready, go.

“I am willing to let myself succeed.”

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All my love to you,