Thursday Tip – 3 Simple Ways clear negative patterns

emotional health thursday tips Apr 20, 2016

On Monday this week, I talked about unhealthy eating patterns where we are eating to avoid feelings. I’m talking about the kind of eating that finds you chowing down on a whole bag of chips, emptying the box of cookies in one sitting and filling a trash bag with candy wrappers.  Watch more or keep reading. OH! But be sure to scroll down to find the journal prompts.

Today’s Thursday tip is a compliment to that. The cool thing about today’s tip is that it can be applied to any negative emotion and any corresponding negative behavior. But first, why would we want to embrace emotions, especially uncomfortable ones?!? Seriously. Why?

It’s simple. If we don’t express and allow our emotions, we bury them under negative coping mechanisms like over-eating, over-indulging in other ways or avoiding healthy behaviors. It’s only when we feel our emotions that we can begin to heal and release them.

Here are three tips that can work for anyone. The great thing about all of these tips is that they work very effectively because they allow you to really feel whatever you need to feel. At the same time, you are safe in your expression.

  1. Express through music. Find an instrument to play. Sing along with some songs you love. Actually perform music and let your emotions ride on the waves of the music. Music is all about emotion and is most meaningful when it’s steeped in emotion. So feel all those feelings and make some beautiful music. I often come home and play piano. It relaxes me and my musical choices reflect the emotions I’m feeling. A little Moonlight Sonata on hard days does wonders!! No instrument? Well, get out your iTunes and belt out something that makes you feel! Who cares if you are any good?!? Just SING!
  2. Express through visual art. Get out the paints or crayons shoved in your closet. Think back to a time when you were inspired by something. Place that image in your minds eye and get creative. Allow your brush to flow and as you do…express your feelings. Have you tried the Zen Coloring books on the market? They are fantastic! I have one myself. It’s a moving meditation you are sure to find calming and restorative, no matter what your art level.
  3. Express through journaling. One of the things I love most about journaling is the way that it documents my life. I love going back 2 months or 10 years in my journals to remember what was going on. No matter how recent the journal entry, I always see growth. I think you almost can’t help growing when you are journaling. Let your pen just flow. Often times, if you invite your angels or guides or God, you’ll see Spirit flow through your pen. You can even ask questions and you’ll get answers that are divinely inspired.

BONUS: Would you enjoy some journal prompts to get you started? Here you go!! Click here.

I hope this serves you. If so, please share!! My mission is to spread love and light far and wide.

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