The boy who sang happy birthday

a glimpse into my life energy free masterclass free trainings kids self care Feb 06, 2022

Ok, friend. Storytime!! 


You know I’m a music teacher, right? A couple of weeks ago I was walking with a structured class for students with autism and we were heading to music. Another woman who works in our school walked by. As she did, a little boy in that class began to sing “Happy Birthday” at the top of his lungs.


It was a big deal. Huge. Wanna know why? 


This kid rarely speaks. He does not sing in music. AND… most significantly - he doesn’t work with this woman - she wasn’t his teacher and she works on a different side of the building in an unrelated department. And… drum roll, please… 


He had no way of knowing it was her birthday. 

A boy who rarely speaks sang “Happy birthday” to someone ON HER BIRTHDAY without knowing it was her birthday. I suppose he could have overheard someone talking about her birthday - but it’s unlikely because the other staff with him ALSO didn’t realize it was her birthday. 


How do I know that? When he finished singing the open phrase, and the woman turned to thank him and acknowledged it was her birthday, the other adults gasped. One said, “Woah. That’s weird.”


Weird? Yeah, maybe.  I think it’s COOL.


Somehow he knew it was her birthday. Maybe he felt it or sensed it. Who knows. But the point is this… he picked up on the energy around him.


Why am I telling you this story?

Your kids pick up on your energy. If you’re already consciously taking good care of yourself, way to go!! If not... I’m going to give you permission to start. 


When you take care of yourself you give your kids permission to do the same. The kids will see you taking care of yourself and think that’s normal, they’ll start to model you. You’ll see your kids start to take better care of themselves because you gave them permission by showing them how. 

What would it be like for your kids to see you loving yourself fiercely? Doing things to fill your cup? Resting when you need to rest? Getting a boost when you need one. 


And when they get bigger - and sometimes forget to be nice - taking care of yourself is even more important. It’s tough to have one of the people you love most in the world be snarky at you. 


I’m teaching a FREE masterclass with 5 pillars for working moms. This is NOT a to-do list. I know you don’t need one more thing to do. I’m not giving you parenting advice. 

I’m teaching you a new way to THINK about your time, intentions, energy, balance, and fear. I’ll show you a new way to show up for yourself and for your kids. These are the SAME pillars I’ve relied on over the past 15 years of single-parenting - while working full time and then some.


This masterclass offers you a path back to you. You will learn new ways to THINK and new ways to BE. You’ll learn how to have more time, and have more energy. You won’t have MORE to do, you’ll have NEW WAYS to do what you do with a lot more joy and ease.


I’m going to teach you how to be more efficient, more authentic, and have more time and energy. True, it will take an hour out of your day. But it could be the hour that you’ve been waiting for. 


So book a sitter, or put on a show for the kids, or ask a friend or partner for help and set aside an hour for yourself. Or - make it even more fun. Invite your friends over. You can watch together while the kids play. Pour yourself a cup of tea and come to the masterclass.


YOU deserve it. 

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All my love,