Setting Personal Boundaries and COVID-19

monday blogs most recent blog post Aug 02, 2020

Setting personal boundaries during the global pandemic of COVID-19 is important. I’m noticing an interesting and positive phenomenon during the global pandemic of COVID-19. People are more willing and more able to articulate boundaries.

Examples of boundary statements include things “this is how I feel safe”, “this is what I would need to spend time in person”, “I don’t feel safe meeting in person, can we meet virtually”, etc.

If you haven’t been comfortable setting boundaries before now, this is your chance! Everyone is having to express their own personal boundaries around COVID-19. Sharing boundaries isn’t always easy and can make us uncomfortable.

These boundaries coming up around COVID-10 can lead to some great conversations! Relationships can grow and become even closer.

By the same token if you are finding people in your life that are not hearing your boundaries – either in general or around COVID-19, that would be a red flag. That would mean you need additional boundaries.

Hearing boundaries is way those close to us can demonstrate that they hear us, they are listening to us, our needs are important. We also can express that to those we are close to by hearing their boundaries.

As we are all practicing boundaries around COVID-19, this can be a great opportunity to consciously focus on practicing boundaries in other areas. Remember that boundaries are simply the limits we use to define how we want to be treated. Boundaries are a part of all healthy relationships.

Are boundaries around COVID easy for you? I’d love to know what it’s like for you to set boundaries in the rest of your life!

Are boundaries a challenge for you? This is a great opportunity to practice setting boundaries when it’s being done by most of us.

If you need some work on boundaries check out some work from Sage Publications on boundary setting. Civilized Assertiveness is a great resource for those recovering from abuse. (I am not receiving any compensation and have no affiliation with any of these publications or authors.) Brene Brown is a fantastic resource on boundaries! I love all of her work.

Be safe. Wash your hands. Wear a mask. Set a boundary.

All my love to you!!