I almost missed it!! Weekly affirmation

emotional health positive thinking self-care weekly affirmation Oct 08, 2016

I allow myself to be in this moment.

The other day when I was driving to school I had this great song playing! I love this song!! it’s one of my favorite feel good songs that makes me feel anything is possible. It’s a song by DJ Drez called “For What Its Worth”. As I was listening to the song and dancing in the car, I thought to myself, “This is awesome! I wonder what song will come on next?!?”.  Then I realized what I’d just done. I gulped. I had stopped in the middle of my enjoyment to wonder what comes next. In that moment I realized that by thinking about what song would come next I was not enjoying this song. I was no longer listening to the song still playing. I was no longer present.

I was missing out on something I really loved because I was thinking about what would come next.

When anticipation can spoil the fun

How many times in our lives do we do the same thing? We anticipate whatever is coming next in such a way that we are not able to enjoy what is happening right now.

Sometimes we do this even if we are actually enjoying what is happening now. We absolutely do this if we are not enjoying what is happening now. But the truth is, even if we’re having an experience that is not ideal, we are still benefiting from it. There are lessons to be learned. People come into our lives that we wouldn’t have met without those experiences. And it changes us in someway for the better.

Why be in the moment

Being in the moment reduces our stress. Bring present allows us to appreciate our experiences more fully. We feel happier and more content. When we can become peaceful and be in the moment and really experience what ever it has come our way, we can find true peace.


So our affirmation this week is…

I allow myself to be in this moment.


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All my love,