Four ways to feel better FAST

boise emotional health weekly affirmation Feb 09, 2017

Our post today is a reminder that even though things happen to us that might be out of our control, we are in control of our reactions and our perceptions. Each of us has the opportunity to make choices in our own emotional responses. This blog is going to share four ways to feel better FAST.

Recently I’ve been dealing with grief. I’m not ready to share about that, but I am excited to share my process. You see, I’ve had the opportunity to really practice the things I’m teaching you in these blogs to make sure they work. The good news is… I have four tried and true ways to feel better FAST.

We all know that there are things in life that happen that are completely out of our control. All of us experience life twists and turns once in a while. Our power lies in the fact that we have a choice in how we deal with those twists and turns.

One important truth is this: it is critical for us to feel our emotions with integrity, give them space, and honor them. There can be a fine line between feeling our emotions in a healthy way and wallowing in them. It’s the wallowing that can really mess us up and stunt our progress, negatively affect our relationships and job performance. What’s the difference?

Even with tough emotions, they ebb and flow. The moment we honor them, they begin to heal. This is a healthy process. If we are wallowing, we are thinking about how badly we feel – I mean – really thinking about how badly we feel, and then we begin to feel even worse. And that negative process can really grow if we aren’t careful. So how can we make sure we are in the healthy emotional process and not wallowing? Here are four tried and true ways to feel better fast (and allow our authentic emotions to exist).

Four ways to feel better FAST

  1. Pray, meditate or sit in silence. Connecting to your higher power or inner self always helps. Sometimes, getting on your knees is cathartic because it’s an act of surrender. Letting go of controlling outcomes brings huge relief. The trick is to ask for what you need without dictating how that need is going to be met.
  2. Listen to upbeat and positive music! It will have an IMMEDIATE effect on how you feel in a very positive way. I’ll link some of my favorites at the bottom of this blog. I’m not associated or affiliated with those artists in any way, but I dig the songs! If you are looking for a song when you are really angry – email me. I’ve got a great one but it is NOT rated G so I won’t share it not the blog.
  3. Move your body. You heard me! Get moving! There is a reason Christina and Meredith on Gray’s Anatomy “dance it out”. It helps! Don’t like to dance? No problem. Go for a walk, get to the gym, ride your bike, go to yoga, whatever you like!. Just move. It will immediately help your emotional and mental state.
  4. Spend time with your furry friends. Don’t have your own? Go to a local shelter. Those animals need love and will benefit just as much as you will from spending time with you.

Be sure to scroll down to check out the music suggestions!

I hope this has served you. If so, please share and help someone else!


All my love,