Reprogramming for expansion

emotions feel better free trainings May 08, 2022

Last week, I was judging a solo/ensemble contest for middle school girls. 

I watched as girl after girl stood with shoulders curled inward, her arms in front of her body, her head tipped forward. A big part of my job as an adjudicator was to empower these young singers, to make the festival a positive experience. 

It broke my heart a little bit. And it fired me up. 

It isn't those girls' fault. It's not their parent's fault. And... if you've been making yourself small, not speaking up, not living authentically- it's not your fault either.

It's the CONDITIONING and PROGRAMMING of your subconscious mind. 

We all have conditioning and programming.

It shows up in sneaky ways. Our conscious (thinking) mind wants one thing and our subconscious mind sometimes feels fear and limitations, and has beliefs that conflict with what you really want. When we get to the root of those beliefs, expansion gets a whole lot easier! 


 That's what I talk about in this week's podcast episode. Listen to the podcast episode here.

As each human heals and becomes more authentic, everyone benefits. My mission is to help you to step into your best and most vibrant self. When you live authentically and unapologetically you give permission for others to do the same. The more YOU heal, the more you heal the collective and we all heal. 

Saying YES when you mean yes, saying NO when you mean no. Doing things because they bring you joy. Doing things that inspire and excite you. Stop apologizing for being, for taking up space. You BELONG here just because you're you. You are worthy of love and belonging because you are a human, it's not something that has to be earned. 

AND the more you love yourself, the more capacity you have to love others and to to accept the love of others. That's expansion!! And it's so healing. 

That healing, that self-love, that authenticity is accessible to everyone. I'll show you how. 

I'm offering a free 5 day challenge at the end of May called Yes to Me. .


I lived inauthentically for a long time, living to people-please, saying yes when I wanted to say no and ignoring my own hopes and dreams. That's what makes this challenge so juicy. I've been where you are. And I know how to shift it! I'm going to teach you how to shift it so you can experience an expansion beyond anything you've dreamed.

Ready to feel better?


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