You know how you show up for everyone in your life? How you say YES all the time to the people who need you? Your job, your family, your friends, and even your dog? 


What would it be like if you showed up for YOU the same way? 



 Would you feel better?


Have more confidence?


Get back in touch with who you are and who you want to be?


What would you DO if you had more confidence? Had more time? Could say YES to the things YOU want?  


Join me in this FREE challenge! We are going to have SO much fun!! We'll build community, laugh, and feel good. 



We'll peel back the layers on subconscious programming that keeps you playing small, that keeps you quiet, has you saying yes to everyone else and no to yourself.


We'll shift that so you can start to say YES to you.  You'll be more aligned, feel better, and know what to do next.

Yes to You will help you claim your dreams. Can't remember what those dreams are? No worries!! This will help.

Yes to You is a challenge that's going to support you in creating the life you've been dreaming of. It's not your fault that it hasn't happened yet. It's your programming. Yes to Me challenge will help shift that programming so you can do what your CONSCIOUS mind wants to do. 

You'll have everything you need to start plotting a course toward the life of your dreams. And you'll have fun doing it!!! 

Get ready to blow the doors off your limitations 


AND have a good time!!

We'll meet live for 5 days beginning August 23.

Tuesday, August 23 @ 6 pm Pacific

Wednesday, August 24 @ 6 pm Pacific

Thursday, August 25 @ 6 pm Pacific

Friday, August 26 @ from 6 pm Pacific

Saturday, August 27 @ 9am Pacific 

Can't be there live? No worries. I'll make sure you have access to the replay.