Beautiful chaos – finding peace when things are tough

emotional health law of attraction monday blogs Apr 30, 2017

No matter who you are, how put together you are, or how much you plan; sometimes you will find yourself suddenly plunged into chaos. It might be a sudden relationship change, an unexpected professional change, a family change, a health change or any other unexpected situation. When these things happen we can feel like we are swimming in chaos. The sense of chaos can leave us feeling off-balance, insecure, fearful, and anxious. During these times we can feel very alone. Instead of embracing that feeling of isolation, there are some spiritual principals we can turn to that can help us find peace.

Finding peace when things are tough

When we find ourselves in the midst of chaos is can be very unsettling. But it doesn’t have to be. There are some things we can do to find peace.

This week I experienced a very sudden and unexpected relationship change that brought chaos into our lives. I want you to know that I turn to the same principals I talk about in the blog. I am walking the walk with you. “Stuff” happens in my life just like it happens in yours.

I was with romantic partner so great I wondered if he was “the one”. In one surprising instant, it because clear that core values were irreconcirably incompatible. This realization came so suddenly that we ended things almost immediately even though we feel great affection for one another and will remain friends. Chaos. But it’s beautiful chaos.

Deepak Chopra has said, “All great change is proceeded by chaos”. When we find ourselves in chaos it is an indication we are changing and evolving. Chaos is defined as complete disorder and confusion. But is chaos *really* disorder?

Is Chaos really disorder? 

Consider the tulips in the photo above.They are not perfectly spaced. The tulips are not all the same size. Their colors are slightly different. Each tulip has a different number of petals and those petals take on different shapes. By definition, it’s chaos. Or is it?

It’s been said that all of nature demonstrates sacred geometry in the form of a golden ratio,. This ratio can be seen in flowers and plants, music, and even light. What looks like chaos is, in fact, divine. And it’s beautiful. Check it out. As you look at the images, notice that what seems to be chaos is actually a delicate spiral.

Turning chaos into peace

When we take a step back from our own chaos, we can begin to see the beauty in our situations. Here are some ways to deal with chaos in a productive way that keeps you from getting into a fear-filled or paralyzed state.

  • Recognize the beauty in our own lives with gratitude. As soon as we do, we begin to feel a sense of peace. This also activates the Law of Attraction in a way that will bring more of what we are grateful for into our lives.
  • Honor and feel your emotions. What we resist persists. The only way to heal from difficult emotions is to feel them completely. Even if you are positive person, it is ok to experience tough emotions. If you need to cry, find a time and space to let that happen. Anger or sadness won’t take over your life if you allow those feelings to exist. In fact, as you allow them to exist they begin to heal and dissipate leaving you with the beginnings of a sense of peace. This won’t be a one-time thing. You’ll need to create space for your emotions to exist several times. Each time you do, you’ll be closer to being totally healed.
  • Be gentle with yourself. The chaos in your life didn’t come to exist in one day. You probably won’t resolve it in one day either. Choose one right action to do each day towards turning the chaos around. The smaller the better! You can do the bigger things once you feel less reactive. For example, make healthy food choices today. Or decide to go for a walk instead of watching TV.
  • Surround yourself with loving and nurturing people, movies, books, food and music. This is a time for gentleness. Harsh energies will really affect you. Gentle energies and love will help you heal and allow you to begin to think more clearly.  The food you choose is also very important. Eating lots of organic fruits and vegetables while limiting red meat, processed foods, alcohol and sugar will be a big benefit to your sense of well-being.
  • Consider joining a group of like-minded people. I really hope you’ll join me for Soul Food, a subscription that will offer spiritual guidance, tips for balanced living and a chance to connect with like-minded people.

On a personal note…

On a personal note, while the chaos in my life is fresh, I’m applying these principals to my own life. My heart is still healing but I’m doing great. The Universe is working with me. I’ve been surrounded and loved by so many dear friends. Most have appeared in recent days without even knowing I needed them. The friends I have sought out have brought comfort in some amazing ways. Miracles abound!

All my love,