Are you a planner? How to balance the need to plan with the desire to live our lives.

emotional health law of attraction manifesting weekly affirmation Dec 15, 2016

We often talk about living in the moment. And we try, right? And yet so many of us are planners. Or perhaps I’ll just speak for myself: I’m a planner. I plan everything. What I’m going to do, eat, cook, wear, when I’ll go to yoga each week, when I’ll call my sister, when I’ll write the blog, etc. Yet, my personality tends to make me a bit impulsive on occasion. But my inner planner has been at the forefront recently to the point I had to re-evalutate things. Which leads us to today’s blog post.

The need to plan our lives 

Ok, it’s true. We do need to plan. For example, if I don’t make a meal plan and buy the week’s groceries on the weekend, we suffer for it all week. Eggs for dinner is only fun 2 or 3 times a week. Kidding, kidding…but you get my drift. Maybe you don’t need a meal plan but you plan your work meetings, or evenings for the week, or what you plan to wear.

So knowing we do actually need to plan for some things in our lives, we need to avoid the temptation to go all or nothing. You can plan some things and leave other things for a moment of spontaneity. Here’s how.

How to be a planner while giving yourself room to live

It is essential you have an understanding of what it is you value. Is it family, time with friends, work, fitness or….? Once you know what you value most, plan for those things and allow time in your schedule.

Once your highest values are planned, ask yourself what brings you joy? Then…and this is hard if you are a planner….allow time and space for those things without controlling and planning them. I’ve recently discovered that if I allow time and space without expectation for what brings me joy, I feel joy! I also feel more creative, more relaxed, more at peace, and more love.

For example, roads bad or schedule too full to get to the yoga class you planned to attend? Go with the flow and intent to practice. It might lead you to an amazing home practice. Wishing for a night with friends? Focus on how fun it would be to go out and keep your attention on what you want without trying to control the how or when or who.

When you are in a state of joy;  your positive energy and positive expectancy brings in more of the good things you are experiencing. You’ll begin to experience synchronicities you can’t imagine right now.

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