You know it’s time to get more spiritual when…

spirituality weekly affirmation Jan 27, 2017

You know it is time to get more spiritual when…

If you clicked to open this blog post, there must have been something in you that is searching. I’d like to offer some help and relief if you’ve ever thought or felt these things….

  • You’ve been through a difficult experience and are working to regain your balance
  • You are wishing you had time to really know yourself
  • You are ready for change
  • You struggle with anxiety or depression
  • You fear being lonely
  • You need healing from things that have happened in your life
  • You are ready for more
  • You are wising to rely more on your spirituality – Or yearning for a greater connection to Spirit (God, The Universe, Source) not steeped in dogma
  • You are starting a new chapter or wishing you were
  • You want feel more empowered and in the driver’s seat of your own life
  • You are trying to decide what is next for you
  • You wish you were more grounded and centered
  • You are worried your life is out of balance
  • You want to stop trying to control outcomes and learn to live in the moment

If you have been trying to make positive changes in your life, you are not alone. This is for you!

When you feel these things, it is a perfect time to get more spiritual. Whether spirituality to you means meditation, prayer or attending church – this will help.

A prayer to ask for help

No matter what you believe in terms of religion or spirituality – one thing remains constant. Heaven respects free will. It is only when we ask for help through prayer or meditation that The Divine will intercede on our behalf. Don’t get stuck in what to call The Divine. Use whatever term you most relate to…then speak or think these words (you can call it a prayer if you are more comfortable that way)…

Dear God / Universe / Source / Spirit – I release control and place my trust in you. With the greatest good in mind, please help me (us).

Be open for divine guidance. Trust that the repeating thoughts in your mind in regard to the issue you prayed about are of a divine nature and act on them. I heard a National Sales Director in Mary Kay once say, “God feeds the birds but he doesn’t throw it in the nest.”. There will be action required on your part. But you’ll be guided! Just listen. This will be subtle but you will feel a difference. Keep believing that help is on the way and be ready to act on the divine guidance you will receive.

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