With the help of Angels…

Jun 03, 2019

The journey to becoming the best spiritual teacher and inspiration coach I can be doesn’t seem to have many straight lines. That makes it exciting!

Most of the people who know me well have heard me talk about my angels. Well, they aren’t really *my* angels as much as they are *our* angels. Yours and mine. I’ve been aware of the angels around me for many, many years. In the last year, I’ve begun consciously working with the angels around me. I’ve tried to get to know them, to learn to hear them and to follow their guidance. This led me down a path I didn’t really anticipate but it’s a path I am loving being on. Some exciting things are happening.

One of the really exciting things I’ve been working on is to become a Certified Angel Card Reader through the online course offered by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine. This week, I earned my certification. I feel incredibly blessed, humbled and thrilled to be offering a new service: Intuitive Angel Card Readings. Common questions people have involve romance, finances, career, life purpose, health, etc. With my training, I’m prepared to help.

The beautiful thing about working with angels and the angel cards is that the messages are always loving. The energy is always positive. The angels are non-denominational which allows them to speak to all of us. The angels help us to receive messages from God, Source, Spirit, Universe (please insert the name with which you most relate).


I’m so excited to get started! I do have some anxiety about coming out of the spiritual closet, so to speak. Will some people judge me? Maybe. Yet, I believe that this is the next important step on my path. I trust that the people who I can be of service to will find me. And I trust that the angels will work through me for the highest good. To celebrate this new service, I’m offering a significant celebration discount…more than 30% off of all readings booked and held in January, February and March. Regular appointments will be $65 but for the next three months, you can enjoy a reading for only $40. How fun is that?!?

For more information, you can visit this page which has more information here.

If I can be helpful to you or your loved ones, please contact me.

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Love and light to you.