Why we need fun and how it can improve your life

weekly affirmation Oct 06, 2016

Have you guys ever wondered why playgrounds and parks are filled with the sounds of fun and happiness? Have you ever watch little kids playing? 

The younger a child is, the less they care about what others think. They just want to have fun!! They are looking for the next good time..they just want to have fun! 

Think about kids. They play, dance and sing. Kids often have smiles on their faces and joy in their hearts. When you visit a playground, there are sounds of laughter and visions of kids running and skipping everywhere. They run everywhere they go…because it’s fun!

We know that joy is the key to bringing the things into our lives that we want. We know that to really work with the Law of Attraction and attract the things we want into our lives, we need to focus on our feelings. Our feelings are the barometer of being in the flow or not being in the flow of the universe. Want more good things in our life? Find a way to tap into more positive emotions! 

How having more fun can improve every area of your life

When is the last time you laughed – you know, the belly laugh? Do you remember the last time you were so excited about getting somewhere you ran just for the sake of running? When was the last time you did something just for the sake of having fun? If you don’t know… It’s been too long! 

When you have fun, you relax and restore. Being in a more calm state of mind dramatically increases your creativity. Being more creative, even if you don’t have a creative-type job, can significantly impact not only your workplace satisfaction but it also increases your performance.

Besides, when you *decide* to make things fun everything becomes, well… fun!! Even hard things become easier when you do them with the energy and intention of having fun. I went to a hard yoga class last night. My teacher, Jennifer, told us we were going to get a yoga work out and invited us to think of having fun. I took her advice and even with sweat dripping and muscles shaking, I had a ball!

Do something every day that brings you joy and makes you smile. Enjoy some childlike joy and fun in your day and watch your best life unfold.

Don’t remember how to have fun?

Here are some ideas to start you off….  

See what it feels like to run to your car – just for fun! Have a trampoline in the back yard your kids use? Get on it and get jumping! Spend time with your fur babies or if you don’t have any, go help out at a local pet shelter. Get some bubble gum and blow a big bubble!! Throw some leaves up in the air or jump into a big pile of leaves. Chase your kids or let your lover chase you!  Draw or paint just because you feel like it. Go on a photo walk with your camera and capture some fall beauty. Eat an ice cream cone and let the ice cream drip down your chin (they even have gluten free cones at the store… I can’t wait to try one!)

This week, there isn’t an affirmation for you. Instead, it’s an assignment!! GO HAVE FUN!

Finding joy and fun is something I help my clients do in our spiritual life coaching sessions. Interested? Let’s talk! 

Have a FUN weekend!! Sending love and light to you, my friends.

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