Weekly affirmation – It is safe for me to ask for help.

weekly affirmation Aug 12, 2016

Many of us, myself included, sometimes try to do it all. Not only do we try to do it all, but we try to do it all… by ourselves. Doing everything by ourselves can lead not only to exhaustion but can also leave us feeling emotionally empty and alone. This week’s affirmation is a reminder to us that it’s ok for us to ask for help.

Weekly Affirmation

Our affirmation this week is It is safe for me to ask for help. Asking for help requires us to be vulnerable, which is something that isn’t completely comfortable for many of us. Sometimes we don’t ask for help because we don’t want to bother anyone. Other times, we feel a little silly to be needing help in the first place. But before you write off asking for help, consider this:

How did it feel when you were asked for help the last time? How did it feel to be helpful? How did you feel about the person who asked for your help?

Helping makes us feel good. We love to contribute to another person’s life or happiness. By asking for help, you are giving someone else the opportunity to experience the same feeling. Relationships often deepen when one person knows the other person trusts them enough to ask for help.

Say this affirmation in your mind or out loud now and see how it feels. “It is safe for me to ask for help.

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