Weekly affirmation – I surrender to the Universal Flow

weekly affirmation Aug 05, 2016

This week’s affirmation…

This week’s affirmation is simple but powerful. I surrender to the universal flow.

Sometimes we view the word surrender as though it were synonymous giving up. You know, how pirates surrender in the movies or they try to get other people to surrender? This is not that kind of surrender.

When we say the affirmation, “I surrender to the universal flow” we are not giving up or giving in. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. We are letting go of controlling outcomes. We let go of trying to give God/The Universe a script. By surrendering, we are not at all walking away from something. This letting go allows us to lean into the direction we are going.

This is done by determining the *what* we want without dictating the *how. Decide what it is that you want. Be clear on what it is you are dreaming about, praying for or wishing for. Then surrender your dreams and desires to The Universe.

How to use this affirmation

When we surrender to the universal flow, we are surrendering the *how* of our dreams and desires. Think for a moment about a time when something you really wanted showed up and it was even better than you thought it would be. I would be willing to bet that you surrendered the outcome.  At a certain point you stopped worrying and you stopped trying to set yourself up. By doing this, you got out of your own way and allowed The Universe to do her thing.

When you begin to go places or do things with the express purpose of forcing an outcome, you are out of the flow. For example, if you have no interest in the horse races but do with the hope of meeting some cute guy there, that’s an example of trying to force outcomes.

Be genuine. Be authentic. Be positive. And get out of the way. Surrender to the universal flow. Each time you begin to try to control outcomes or give the universe a script, simply say this affirmation to yourself. I surrender to the universal flow.

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Love and light to you, my friend!!


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