Ways to work for the highest good: What we can do about Charlottesville and white supremacy

monday blogs self-care Aug 20, 2017

Ways to work for the highest good: What we can do about Charlottesville and white supremacy

Like much of the nation, I watched with news coverage of what happened in Charlottesville with tears streaming down my face. Seeing this kind of hate collected into one place was heart wrenching for many of us. In my client sessions this week, I’m hearing questions about how to deal. People are wondering how to stay informed without watching harsh news and being negatively affected. Many wonder what can be done. I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I will share some things I have shared with my clients this week in hopes it can be of service to you.

I’m not shy about sharing my views and this is no exception. To me, the issue of racism and/or white supremacy has nothing to do with politics. This isn’t about being a Democrat or a Republican. This is about being a human being and protecting other human beings. Racism, bigotry and hate are wrong. We are all connected to one another and if we hurt one group of people on this earth, we all hurt. The conversation about racism and bigotry isn’t limited to Charlottesville, but what happened in Charlottesville can be used as a conversation starter. Good can come from it.


We must continue to strive for a greater good where people do not have to live in fear of persecution because of race, religion or skin color. To do this, we are going to have to protect our own energy to avoid burning out.

What you can do to keep working toward the highest good while protecting your own energy

  • Speak your truth. Albert Einstein said, “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything. If you think it’s wrong, say so. You can be gentle and loving while speaking your truth. You can say things like, “Please don’t speak about other humans that way in my presence” or “That is not ok with me.”
  • Counter hate with love. Hate + hate will never equal love. But hate + love could change the world. You don’t have to engage with hateful people. Send them love and wish that they find love in their hearts. Take your leave of them. Do not allow them to have your attention – keep your focus on love and loving things. What we focus upon magnifies – we know this from all that has been taught about The Law of Attraction. It’s time to put it to work in a new way.
  • Take time to laugh. Laughter is literally the best medicine. Spend time with your friends. Go to events that bring you joy. Find a funny movie. Or…check out a Saturday Night Live clip. Here’s one with Tina Fey that cracked me up! In fact, I brought the cake pictured below to a party this weekend inspired by the video. 


  • Limit your viewing time for the news. You can be informed without having to subject yourself to negativity and harshness 24/7. Limit your viewing time. Set a time limit for perusing internet news or newspapers. Do something physical like taking a walk around your building or a few jumping jacks after viewing the news to bring your energy level back up and shake off the negativity.
  • Take a hard look at your own views and beliefs. Are there things you are doing or saying (or NOT doing or saying)  that are inadvertently contributing to the problem of white supremacy? Have you been fearful of the neighbors that look or dress differently than you? Maybe it’s time to make a gesture of friendship toward them. Have you heard yourself saying things about whole groups of people that are from a certain place in the world or have a certain skin color? Time to stop saying those things. This is an area where ALL of us have work to do. Myself included.
  • Reach up. Look for inspiration and education. We all need support right now in coming together to stand for love and unity. Supporting each other is the only way we will have the perseverance to stand up for what is right and just without burning out. I’ll put some links in the bottom of this post to people and organizations I really respect. The links I’ll include will offer ways to help ourselves grow into more loving and accepting people.

Please consider sharing this. As the Wassmuth Center for Human Rights here in Boise, Idaho says, “We are too great to hate”. We must continue to show and focus on love and unity. And don’t forget to check out the links.

All my love,