Wasps… how nature’s little terrorists were my personal blessing

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It’s late summer in Idaho where I live. The foothills are turning brown, back to back days are 100 degrees or over, water bills climb but shady patio dining becomes divine. I love to eat on the patio! I don’t mind the heat, wind, or even cold. I’d eat outside all year if it was up to me. But there is one thing that can drive me back inside to the air-conditioning. Wasps.

I’ve never been totally sure what wasps do and why they are good.

I know they are pollinators, but they don’t make honey. I know they cut down on flies but lizards also do that. They drive stark terror into the heart of my daughter. When the wasps come out, patio dining ends.

This week has been mostly about wasps at our house. No joke. My daughter got stung by one taking out the trash (some of those sneaky buggers made a nest on the trash can!). I realized we had to do something.

I queried my neighbors for help on a website called NextDoor. I found someone to help me with the wasps and knock down the cantaloupe sized nest. Seriously, cantaloupe sized!

I’ll just skip to the part where the wasp nest was now off of my house and neatly placed inside my open trash can. Face palm. They were swarming. Even today, we are on day 4 of them swarming.

The universe speaks to me and I am often ready and willing to listen.

By day three of running away from wasps who seemed to know I was a part of their falling nest and who I was convinced had a visceral hate for me, I suddenly got an idea.

What if this isn’t about wasps? What if they are there to tell me something or deliver a spiritual message and they won’t leave because I’m not listening? If it had been lots of owls I would be looking up the meaning of owls. But wasps? Yuck! They can’t have a meaning, can they?

Oh but wasps can have a spiritual meaning. And do. I’ve been a little distracted recently and not focusing on my writing the way I would like to be. This was a very clear reminder to keep my focus and stop getting distracted with things that don’t support my goal. (I often rely on books by Ted Andrews about the messages of animals and nature although he was not the resource in this case.)

As soon as I made this realization, a friend offered advice on how to humanely and safely deal with the wasps. And the wasps are now handled.

It’s a good thing I got the message or it might have been a long time until I could enjoy dinner on the patio! And I would have further procrastinated getting the book finished which wouldn’t have felt good. Especially as my purpose for getting this book out only gets stronger.

I am more passionate than ever getting out the message that you can heal your life from ANYTHING if you are willing to do the work. And specifically, there is happy life to be lived after abusive relationships.

If there is something that keeps popping up for you, something that is continually bothering you, or something that is making itself impossible to ignore…it might be taking a deeper look to see if there is a message there for you.

At the end of this experience with the wasps, I’m very grateful they got my attention so I can put my focus where it needs to be to get Inner Peace Prescription out this fall! Gratitude…that’s another important spiritual principal. And perhaps another topic for another blog.

All my love to you.