Want to strengthen your connection to your own intuition? I’ll show you how.

monday blogs Mar 13, 2017

Want to strengthen your connection to your own intuition? I’ll show you how. AND you can download a FREE eBook of journal prompts!

Yes, it’s true! You can learn to really connect with your own intuition. All it takes is slowing down a little and doing some reflecting. It can be easy and very healing.

And the best part of this process for you is…. Free journal prompts!! I talk and write often about journaling. Before you dismiss the idea of journaling, I invite you to read on.

Why writing? Writing with a pen in hand helps us slow down our thinking. The process of taking the time to write something allows us a chance to really understand our own thoughts and feelings. This helps us connect with our intuition. But there’s more than just this. Writing can help connect us with not only our intuition, but to the deepest parts of ourselves. I call it Soul Writing.

Do you have to write with a pen to connect to your intuition?

NO! Journaling can be for people who like to write and people who hate to write. How? Easy…technology.

Prefer typing to writing with a pen and paper? Great! Get out your laptop or sit at your desktop and make it happen.

Does the act of writing slow you down? Or maybe its uncomfortable because of a medical condition? Or maybe you just don’t like to write. No problem!! There are lots of different ways for you to be able to speak and have your words typed for you. You can use the microphone app in your smart phone to take notes in a diary. You can voice text using a Google app. Siri on Apple products can take notes for you. The possibilities are endless! (If this is an area you would like me to focus in a future blog post…let me know!)

How do I journal? Do you have to have prompts?

Recently, people have been asking me questions about how to journal. The questions are things like… “Do you need prompts or can you write about anything you want?”. The answer is… it depends. on your purpose.

What is the purpose of your journaling?

Are you trying to record your life? If so… write about whatever you want. You can journal about your daily life, your feelings, your friends and family, etc. Your journal in this case becomes a living history of your life. I enjoy this type of writing. It helps me remember where I was in my life when I review my journal entries. But this isn’t the only kind of journaling!

Are you trying to learn something about yourself, grow yourself, or heal yourself? In that case, journal prompts can be a great asset. Finding journal prompts that meet your needs can be tricky. So I’m here to help!

Why an eBook of FREE journal prompts?

I wrote these free journal prompts as an extension to my Empowered You Course, which is designed to help you know yourself better. Why free? I want to help people. If you think this would be helpful to someone you love, please share!!

AND… (drum roll please!) here you go! Click here to be taken to the page with a downloadable link.


All my love to you!!