Thursday Tip – Why meditate?

boise Feb 25, 2016

Every Thursday, I’ll offer a tip on a different topic via video blog (known as a vlog).

This week’s tip topic is on mediation.

After I finished yoga the other night, I had a thought download. We don’t meditate because we are calm. We are calm because we meditate. We don’t go to yoga because we are flexible. We go to yoga because we need flexibility (and strength and balance!). More on yoga in another post coming soon. But for now, we’ll talk about meditation.

I had experienced stressful day. I was irritable, tired, and not my best self. That is exactly why I took myself to yoga. Yoga is my reset button. Turning inward and taking care of myself, focusing on my breath and my physical body allows me to calm my mind. That calmness is certainly a moving meditation. More than that, Jennifer at Yoga Tree of Boise offered a magnificent restorative yoga class that night that finished with a deep meditation. I left feeling renewed, restored and as though my reset button had been pressed. I felt like a new woman!

For more, take a peek at the video. And here is the website I mentioned with Oprah and Deepak’s meditation challenge.

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See you back here for Mondays’ blog post! That will feature an article about pet reiki.

Love and light to you!