Thursday Tip – Step back from the green beans! Or… Get in the flow….

thursday tips Apr 27, 2016

Monday’s blog post was called “Don’t Force it” or “What I learned from a stapler”. Today’s Thursday’s tip piggy backs on that. Today I’m going to talk about what to do when you find yourself trying to force things in your life. Whether you are trying to force a new romance, a new job, a new situation, a new home, more social media followers or whatever you might be trying to force.

Whenever you are forcing, you are controlling. It’s like you’ve given the universe a script or an outline and then say “Only deliver THIS particular thing.” By doing that you are missing out on the banquet the universe has in store for you. The universe is waiting to give you miracles beyond your wildest dreams.

Imagine you are standing at a banquet table. You are near the green beans (I happen to love green beans and eat them every chance I get). There is cheesecake, roast turkey, sweet potatoes, apples, ripe tomatoes, your favorite cookies, fresh peas, delicious (gluten-free!) breads, beautiful green and leafy salads, golden and red beets, everything you can think of that you love. You want the green beans so much that you are scared to take a step away from them even though you see other things you know you like.

You are afraid that if you take even a tiny step back from the green beans someone is going to come in and take the green beans out from under you, or that you won’t like the other foods as well. The reality is you already HAVE enough green beans on your plate. What you really need is to balance out your plate with some other foods.

Trust that when you step back, and allow yourself to move in the direction your intuition/higher power/higher self and your guides guide you, that you’ll be taken exactly where you need to be taken. Maybe it will be down the table to some protein options or leafy greens, or maybe even a cookie treat. Trust that when you place your trust in the universe you’ll be taken exactly where you need to be taken. You’ll be introduced to the people that you need to meet. You’ll be guided to the situations that are best for you.

By trusting in the universe you are opening yourself up to miracles. You are allowing the universe to flow through you. You become part of the flow.

Only by saying to yourself and the universe what it is that you truly desire, then stepping back to allow the universes to do her thing, can she work miracles for you. When we take a step back, we do exactly that. We provide the universe time and space for miracles to happen. Step back and get out of your own way. Don’t force it.

Ready for some tips to getting out of your own way? Take a peek at the video for the full story. But here are some quick ideas:

  • Enjoy some time alone to regroup
  • Take a salt water bath to relax and let go
  • Get outside – go for a hike or a run
  • Ask for help with a prayer. Say something like “I’m stuck in fear and ego right now. Please help me to be faith-filled and trust.”

Just by recognizing you are in this pattern allows a shift in your experience. I hope this serves you. If so, please let me know. You are invited to comment or email me! Please feel free to share and “like”.

Love and light to you.



Note: This was Thanksgiving dinner at my house one year. My parents, daughter and I spend the holiday together. The china belonged to my Uncle Dwight and Aunt Lucille. It’s such an honor to be able to think of them each time I use it. The grape juice was handmade by my friend Betsy. Such love!!! I am fortunate indeed.