The Law of Attraction: a new lesson from a bridge in Paris

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The secret to activating the Law of Attraction (Click on the photos above to enlarge)

I had an a new lesson on the Law of Attraction. I’m a student and teacher of this law so I’m always excited when I get a chance to learn something in a new way. This helps me to teach it in a new way as well. Being a teacher and student of The Law of Attraction is what lead to my newly published book of journal prompts titled, “Know Yourself”. Click here to see that book on Amazon.

The secret – which is no secret – to really activating The Law of Attraction is to focus on what it is you truly desire and then release it. The releasing part is historically the part I struggle with. Most often I focus on what it is I really want and then I try to become an architect to create my desires.


That sometimes this sort of thinking (being an architect, that is: a planner) really serves me because I get a lot done. But when it comes to The Law of Attraction, I have been known to get into my own way.

Can you relate to that? Do you ever get caught up in the “how” something is going to happen. I certainly do.

The other thing that my clients often talk about and I experience as well is this: we can block the activation of The Law of Attraction in manifesting that which we really desire because we try to control outcomes.

I know I am not alone in this. I know there are lots of very successful, driven, ambitious people like me. In our work lives we must plan and be organized. It can be hard for some of us to realize that when it comes to The Law of Attraction, we don’t have to control anything. We need to do the right actions, but we don’t have to worry. We only have to dream.

An example of activating The Law of Attraction

Here is an example of The Law of Attraction at work. I dreamed of taking my daughter to Paris for her senior photos. I am a photographer so was my dream as a mom and as an artist.

One of the places I most wanted to take photos of her was at a gorgeous bridge that is featured on the cover of my Rick Steve’s Pocket Paris guidebook. I HIGHLY recommend his books if you are going to visit Paris – or anywhere in Europe. (I have no affiliation with Rick Steves and have received no compensation to include mention of this book.)

I didn’t know what the bridge is called but it is quintessential Paris. You might think that not knowing what the bridge was called would make it a problem to get there. Not when you activate The Law of Attraction!

Our first full day in Paris we, like many Americans traveling in Paris, were trying to get the lay of the land while working through jet lag. We decided that the first activity we should do where is the hop on hop off bus tour so that we could better understand how the major sites in the city were laid out. We hopped on the bus and begin a ride around the city.

Within the first 15 minutes of the ride, we cross that bridge I had been dreaming about and I learned it’s called (in French) Pont Alexandre III. As we continued our driving tour of Paris, I begin to wonder how to get back to the bridge. Then because there was so much new I quickly dismissed the thought and decided to table it. I decided I would figure it out later.

In the course of our tour we started at the Eiffel tower, drove by the Rodin museum, the Latin quarter, Notre Dame, the Louvre, and finally the museum D’Orsay. I knew that this was one of the must see attractions of Paris but I also knew that Musee D’Orsay that didn’t require the same amount of time as the Louvre. You can see it in an hour or two. And it featured many of my favorite impressionistic artists. So rather than continuing on the tour and riding back to the Eiffel tower we hopped off the bus and visited Musee D’Orsay. There I saw the work of some of my favorite and cherished artists and was literally moved to tears. Monet, Manet, Van was incredible. I’ve seen their work before and other major art museums but somehow this felt different knowing that I seeing the art in Paris.

After we finished the museum we went back outside to wait for the hop on hop off bus tour. It’s seem to take quite a long time to get there, in fact after certain period of time we decided we would like to really see the city and we decided to walk back to our apartment in the seventh arrondissement, which is essentially the 7th district.

About 10 minutes into the walk, we came across Pont Alexandre III. By following our intuitive nudges to get off the bus, to walk instead of wait for the bus and to visit the museum we end up exactly in the place where we most wanted to take pictures.

That’s The Law of Attraction. Put your idea out to the universe, charge it with emotion, and let it go. So let’s take a look at each of those steps.

The three steps to activate the Law of Attraction


  1. Put your idea or desire into the universe. When you put your desire out into the universe, it’s worth being very, very specific. The more specific you are, the more likely the manifestation of your desire will look the way that you want it to look. At the same time, be open to other wonderful developments which relates to number 3. But first, on to the next step
  2. Charge your idea or desire with emotion. You must really feel the desire. Settle into that emotion. Why do you want to thing/experience that you want? In my case I wanted very much to have senior picture of my daughter on that Parisian bridge. I never been to Paris and I didn’t know if there was more than one bridge that had those gorgeous statues and ornate lights. There are other beautiful bridges, but only one Alexandre III. I wanted this deeply as a mom and as an artist. I wanted to try my hand at creating a beautiful image on this bridge like so many photographers before me. And as a mom, I wanted to create her uniquely Parisian landscape for my daughter‘s senior picture, one that she can cherish and use to remember our trip. My desire to find this bridge was highly charged with emotion. ……What do you desire? Why do you have this desire? What are your feelings about it? Sitting in those feelings is an essential step...
  3. Let it go. This can be one of the most difficult steps. Like I was saying those of us that are career minded sometimes are accustomed to having to “make things happen”. This is not how The Law of Attraction works. We don’t have to make anything happen because The Law of Attraction will do it. Once we put our desire out into the ether and charge it with the motion our job is done. Let the universe figure out how. If you would’ve told me that on my second day in Paris I would be walking through the streets of Paris in an unfamiliar city of 12 million people, I would’ve laughed at you. But that’s exactly what happened and it was the most glorious day.

There are so many miracles

Finding the Alexandre III Bridge was not the only miracle that happened while we were there. I have so many more examples to share with you about beautiful things that we experienced all because we were able to activate the lava traction and get out of our own way.

But before I share any more stories with you, I would love for you to think about how the supplies in your life. What is it you desire? Why do you have this desire… What are your feelings about it? Then allow those feelings to come and let them marinate. If you feel like you’d like a running buddy and someone to share with, please consider sharing with me. I would love to hear your stories! Feel free to message me or comment below.

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