The good glassware isn’t just for company!

law of attraction self-care weekly affirmation Dec 08, 2016

When I was a kid, I used to think that my mom wanted me to make my bed everyday to make her happy. Along those lines, I thought the crystal glassware were for guests and the china for holidays. Can you relate?

The good glassware isn’t just for company

While I am being literal with the statement “the good glassware isn’t just for company,” I’m also using a metaphor. You are important, valuable and worthy.

You deserve to come home after a long day to a bed that looks fit for royalty. I have a thing for pillows, so my bed is covered with a beautiful comforter and topped off with lots (and I do mean LOTS) of pillows. Don’t make your bed to impress someone. Make the bed because it makes you feel good to come home to a beautifully smooth and ornamented bed. Or if you feel better climbing into a pile of blankets, do that! Just do whatever makes you happy.

Drinking from a plastic cup? No, thank you. It’s stemmed glassware for me. Or sometimes I’ll use my favorite stemless wine glasses….to drink water. I want to feel decadent even when I’m sipping my water. I don’t drink alcohol very often, so I enjoy making my mocktails look just as beautiful as the “real thing” by choosing beautiful glassware. Sparkling cider in a crystal wine glass like in the photo? Yes, please. Cold water (no ice for me, thanks) in a red wine goblet? Divine.

Where in your life can you use the good glassware

What makes you happy? Maybe it isn’t glassware or making your bed. Great pajamas you usually save for company? Wear them tonight! That great dress you’ve been saving for a special occasion? Either make the occasion yourself or wear the dress some where unexpected. Light the candle. Use the “good sheets”. Wear that coat you love, put it on today. Those glasses you look great in? Get them out right now. You are worth it. You will love how you feel!

And you know what? When you feel luxurious, you send a loud message to the universe of gratitude and appreciation. That also sends a message that says, “More of this, please.” It’s a beautiful thing!



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