The cure for dis-content

making decisions manifesting Feb 07, 2021

Let’s be real. The toll COVID-19 is taking on us as employees, parents, friends, and community members can’t be ignored. No matter what you are doing, where you are doing it, or the role you have: things are different than they have ever been. What if I told you I had a magic cure for the general feeling of discontent some of us are experiencing?

I know that’s bold. But there is a cure for how you feel right now. It’s so simple it’s actually difficult to believe. Ready? Run your own race, stay in your own lane, and keep your focus on what is right in front of you. By keeping yourself laser-focused on the things you can control, all of the things outside of your control fall away.

Consider this story told about a man who went to his HR manager complaining of the toxic work environment. The HR manager asked that before he quit, the man walk around the office carrying a glass of water filled to the rim, walking around the office several times without spilling. The man agreed thinking he would be able to quit after he completed the task. Then the HR manager asked the man what he’d seen: Any gossiping, politics, or caddy talk between employees? No, the man hadn’t seen any of those things. The HR manager said to the man, “Do you know why you didn’t see those things? Because you were focused on the glass.”

Focus on the things you need to do: your job, your parenting, nurturing your friendships, taking care of your home and providing yourself loving kindness. Let the rest go. We aren’t going to be able to control the other things. So place your intention and your focus on the actions you can take every day that make a difference in YOUR life.

A friend shared that story with me this week. It was just what I needed and I wanted to share it with you. Maybe it’s what you need to hear as well.

With all the extra time and energy you’ll have from paying attention to what you are doing… what other projects or things will you spend your time doing? Isn’t that fun to think about?!?

All my love,