Some holiday peace and cheer – An affirmation for your family holidays.

holidays positive thinking weekly affirmation Nov 23, 2016

Today is Thanksgiving Day in the United States. Many of us celebrate by gathering with friends and family to enjoy beautiful feasts. Some of us feel the holidays are our favorite time of the year!! Even so, for many of us the holidays can trigger all sorts of emotions and behaviors. Today’s affirmation (a day early!) is to help cultivate a feeling of connectedness and peace in this holiday season so that you feel you have a blessed family holiday no matter what your family status.

Family Holiday Triggers 

We get triggered around the holidays because there are memories of past years. We think of people who we’ve celebrated with who aren’t here with us for whatever reason. Sometimes get busy and tired and forget to take time to rest or ask for help. It can be easy to go into a place of nostalgia or a panicked state – depending on what your holidays were like – as we remember family holidays. Today, I invite you to try something different.

Try something new

Rather than focusing on the past family holidays or the future ones, focus only on today. What is happening today? Where are you? Who are you with? Is there something you can think of doing that would bring you a lot of joy? Then go do it. This isn’t a day to sulk about not being with the people you wish you were with. It’s a day to fully enjoy where you are. Missing someone? Call them if they are living or do something in remembrance of them if they have passed.

Your affirmation

Here is an affirmation to help you feel more grounded, more balanced, more peaceful and able to connect. This will help not only during family holidays but any day of the year. Say this as many times as you need. You’ll feel this one right in your heart center if you allow it to resonate there.

Today I find my peace inside. I am joyful and free.


Wishing you the happiest, most joy filled and peaceful Thanksgiving!!

All my love,