Shifting anxiety: the power of gratitude

law of attraction manifesting positive thinking weekly affirmation Jan 12, 2017

When the going gets tough, thank more: the power of gratitude to shift anxiety

When the going gets tough, thank more. By focusing on what you are grateful for you can change everything. You shift your perception and that means you also change your point of attraction. Why does this help relieve anxiety?

We know through the law of attraction that what we focus upon magnifies. In plain speak that means that wherever we direct our attention, we will begin to see more of whatever it is we are paying attention to. This makes it very important to be mindful and purposeful about where we are placing our attention. When you notice that you are feeling negative emotions like fear, anxiety or discomfort – take a moment to notice what you are placing your attention. If your attention is on something negative or fear-based, make a conscious choice to change your focal point. 

This is why gratitude and positive thinking is so important. By being thankful we are focusing upon what we love about our lives, our experiences,  and relationships. We are focusing on the positive. This allows us to change our point of attention so that we begin to attract more of the same into our experience. The more positive things we focus upon, the more positive things we will see show up into our lives.

An experiment in anxiety relief

Try it now. Take a look around you. What can you see just within view of where you are reading this that you’re grateful for? Take some time and allow that feeling of gratitude to saturate your being.

How are you feeling? You’re probably feeling less anxiety, more loving, more patient, more excepting, more at peace. You probably feel a greater sense of connection not only to your own inner being but to God/sSource/The Universe. You’re also probably feeling a greater sense of connection with the people around you.

When the going gets tough, thank more.

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