Seeking Divine Guidance? Here is how to ask to see the signs.

monday blogs Feb 19, 2017

Have you ever hoped for Divine Guidance? Or maybe you have wished you had a sign from God/The Universe/Spirit?

Heaven is firm in its belief of free will. God and the Angels will not intervene if our free will blocks them. This is why in order to communicate with our Angels and guides we must want to see their signs.

How do we see their signs? All we have to do is look and they are all around us. If you want to turn it up a notch … ask for a sign.

I like to ask Divine Guidance for confirmations that I’m doing there gut things. . I ask for God and the Angels to show me I’m on the right path. I’ll say something like, “if I’m thinking about this in a healthy way, please show me…”

Ask for something meaningful to you. Maybe a rainbow (my personal favorite), an owl, a dove, a coin, etc. Be open to however the sign appears. Maybe it will be a representation rather than literal. For example, maybe you’ll see a rainbow on a Tshirt rather than an actual rainbow.

Be open to to seeing the signs of Divine Guidance without trying too hard. Be patient. If it’s *almost* the sign, it doesn’t count. Don’t try to control the signs be dictating how you’ll see it. Be ready and observant without trying too hard to see the sign. Set a deadline. I know this seems demanding but it really isn’t. It helps God and the Angels communicate clearly. If it doesn’t appear, that is still a sign.

Here is a recent example. I asked Divine Guidance for confirmation I was in the right path and asked to see a rainbow as my confirmation. I saw one…but in a totally unexpected way. The girl in front of me at a basketball game had the underlayer of her hair died in a rainbow!!

Please let me know how this serves you. All my love.