See it to believe it~A story about manifesting

manifesting monday blogs positive thinking Jul 31, 2016

You may have seen other posts I’ve written about manifesting. Perhaps you’ve even taken a peek at the Manifesting Miracles course I offer. I’ve talked about it a lot… but something happened this weekend that was so cool… I really want to share it with you!

My daughter just finished up a semester of summer school. She’s a good student, works hard, and diligently worked on her homework over the summer. She worked on homework so much that it became clear that the demands of the 9th grade curriculum mean she needs a dedicated work space…. and, because she was in my work space. I was pretty motivated to get her a space of her own!

The event that reminded me we are always manifesting

I bought her a desk that we had delivered to the house. The previous owners of the desk had warned me the desk was heavy. I totally underestimated what that would mean. When they arrived to drop off the desk, it took 4 people to take it out of the pick-up. Then, the helpful people who had driven the desk over had to leave, so that left me and my teenage daughter to move this very heavy desk.

We struggled with the desk for about 30  minutes and moved it 5 feet, until it was stuck in our front walkway. I texted my neighbors to ask for their help later in the day. We went on about our day but the whole time I was thinking, “I wish some movers would just show up and move this desk.”. I even verbalized that! More than once.

My neighbors arrived (thank you, my friends!) at the designated time and we had just begun to discuss our strategy. Just then, a big white moving truck pulls up next to the house. The passenger window rolled down and a loud voice called, “You need some help with that?”.  I shouted back, “YES!!”.

These professional movers moved the desk into my office. Seriously!! I think my neighbors, even though they were totally willing to help, were are relieved as I was! My neighbors and I might have struggled for the rest of the day, but these two strong guys with the right equipment moved the desk into our office and had it in place in a matter of minutes and a few dollars. Talk about an answered prayer!! This is called manifesting.

Manifesting the simple way

When we pray, ask for guidance, or put out a request to God/The Universe/Source – we are beginning the manifestation process. When we do not get emotionally attached to our request, God/The Universe/Source delivers almost immediately.

If we get emotional about our requests or introduce worry, we can slow down the process of manifesting. By keeping the faith, focusing only on what it is we want and knowing we are ok even if our manifestation doesn’t appear (that’s the letting go part)… we can become masters at manifesting. Simply put, when we get out of our own way, miracles occur!

Manifesting disclaimers

I need to add two disclaimers.

The first disclaimer is, if you are trying to manifest something involving another person, keep in mind that Heaven has sincere respect for free will. This means you cannot manifest a particular person to do a particular thing. For example, you cannot manifest John to fall in love with you.

However, you can put out to The Universe/God/Source what you want and allow the universe to deliver. Always add, “or something better” to your statements. For instance, you might say, “I am looking for the perfect work partner. I want someone kind, trustworthy…or something better” and then step back and be amazed.

The second thing is, if you aren’t clear on what you want, you will only get chaos. Be clear. Be precise. Keep it simple. When hoping for strong help, I didn’t say, “I hope movers show up. But I hope I can afford them. I wonder how much they will charge?” I just said, “I really wish movers would just show up and move this desk.” When they arrived, they shot me an amount I could afford…because that’s how these things work.

Need a little help?

Check out the Manifesting Miracles course. In this course I offer simple step by step guidance to manifesting. The universe is so amazing I LOVE teaching this class. So many cool things happen it is mind-blowing!

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