Resolutions for 2017

positive thinking weekly affirmation Dec 30, 2016

Sometimes we feel excited about New Year’s Resolutions. It can be a new start and a place to begin again. The new year can feel a little like a do-over and occasionally, that’s exactly what we need. Some years, this isn’t what we need. We might need a do-over that isn’t related to achievement. Those years it isn’t about the weight, the new person in your life, the new job, the new car or anything else physical. In those instances, the do-over is on a deeper an more lasting level.

This year for resolutions for 2017, I would like to invite you to take a different approach.

Goals can be great and really important tools to getting you where you would like to be in your life. I am big proponent of setting goals, taking small right action steps and then achieving. I teach that in Empowered You. I’ll be launching a new in-person session in February. But that isn’t what all of us need.

What if instead of an external goal we set internal goals? For example, instead of setting a goal that sounds like “I will _______ by ___time” we set a goal that focused on nurturing our spirit. This goal will be more simplistic and powerful. Rather than focusing on the external achievement or state of being, focus on how you want to feel.

Decide what feeling you want more of. Then set a goal to feel joy, love, contentedness, freedom, or whatever it is you want to feel. I know this sounds a little hard to believe, but I promise it’s true. By making a decision that you want to feel something, you are making a bold and loud statement to God/The Universe/ Source that you are ready. By being ready you will experience an immediate shift in not only your perceptions but within your physical reality. Your physical reality will begin to reflect the feelings you have been conjuring by presenting more things to make you feel that way. Let me tell you about my resolution for 2016.

My resolution for 2016 was that I wanted to feel more love. I chose to see love in everything and in everyone and made a conscious choice to feel and see love. I began to see love and to feel love in completely new ways. At first, I only had the feeling of love. And that’s how it starts. But before long, I had deepened friendships, landed in a new very supportive job, found a new car, and felt myself completely surrounded by people who make me feel very loved in every conceivable way.

By feeling the emotion of what you want, you begin to attract more of that feeling and will draw experiences into your reality that will bring you even MORE things that create that feeling. It is truly awesome!

If a resolution isn’t for you, I invite you to take a more spiritual approach and determine what it is you want to feel in 2017.

My year of love in 2016 has felt so good… I’m going with it again in 2017. I choose to see love in everything and everyone.  Whatever you wish for, my sincere hope is that you see more of what you want than you could even imagine.

All my love to you, dear reader! Happy New Year!!