OMG. How do I decide?!?!? Boise Spiritual Teacher

boise Feb 07, 2016

Occasionally we are each faced with making big and important decisions in our lives that feel, well…. they feel big. Sometimes those decisions even feel scary. We feel uncertain and that can lead to worry.

Worry doesn’t ever help anyone. You won’t feel better, you won’t help, the situation, and you may accidentally pull some things into your experiences you don’t want but did worry about. This is how the Law of Attraction works. Simply state, what you focus on magnifies.

So…how can you make difficult decisions without the worry? It’s always a good idea to pray and ask for guidance to your higher power or talk with your angels. Sometimes, our intellect (our heads) can get in the way of the messages we receive in prayer or meditation because we are overthinking. That’s often true for me. Here is a great tip I use often.

Ask your body. Your body is a finely tuned divination tool. Your body is often more tapped into The Divine and into your subconscious than your conscious mind. Your body isn’t prone to the overthinking your mind and intellect can do. This makes it a great guide to making difficult decisions.

I recommend a form of role play. It works for me every single time. I’ve used this tool for many years. In making a big decision in my own personal life this week, I was reminded of this tool. I couldn’t wait to get it out of the tool box. It worked so well I felt compelled to share with you.

Here is how the body-role-play works. You’ll make two contradictory statements. One will say that you decide one way and the other statement says you decided a different way. For demonstration purposes, we’ll use something simple. Let’s pretend we are making the decision about what to have for dinner. Let’s pretend we are deciding between liver and onions and a grilled chicken ceasar salad. I don’t know how you feel about either food. The point is, to help you demonstrate the effectiveness of the body-role-play, choose something you really like and something you dislike. For me, I hate liver and onions so it’s an easy one to try. Pick a food you love and a food you dislike so that you already know the outcome.

As you make the first statement, sit straight. Breath deeply and notice how you feel. Is there any tension anywhere in your body? Is there a release of stress anywhere in your body? Notice common areas that hold tension like your shoulders, your belly, your hamstrings or hips, your back, etc. How do you feel? Make a note of your feelings. Allow at least 30 seconds for your body to completely respond to the statement.

Now, make the contradictory statement. Allow yourself to notice how you feel. Did any tension arrive in your body? Is there a release anywhere? Allow at least 30 seconds for your body to respond.

The statement you make where you feel the release of tension is the right decision for you. Maybe you will feel like you can breath more easily during one statement. Maybe you’ll feel lighter. I promise you your body will feel differently and help you make your important or difficult decision.

Still not sure? Use this amazing tiebreaker. Make a ring with your left hand ring finger by touching it to the finger pad of your left thumb. Loop your other hand into a ring that goes through that first ring by connecting your right index finger to the pad of your right thumb. Once the rings are made, try to pull your fingers apart. Is there resistance? This is your body’s was of saying yes, your body supports the statement. If the rings are easily pulled apart, that is your body’s way of saying no, it does not support the statement. This particular tip came from Gabrielle Bernstein’s book “Miracles Now”. I use the ring method if I feel like I need more guidance or additional confirmation. 

I’m one of the people that can get caught up in my head overthinking things. So this helps me get out of my own head and opens me up to the divine guidance. I hope you find it helpful, too!


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Love and light to you…and happy decision making!