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feeling good strategies Feb 27, 2022

I was getting ready to teach a module on time management in early 2016. To demonstrate what I wanted my students to do, I worked on a color-coded weekly plan sheet showing my own schedule.

As I color-coded my week I began to feel deep shame as I realized how out of balance I had become. 

Imposter syndrome set in. Who was I to teach about time management when I was so out of balance? Most of my time - everything in red - was spent working? 

Then I realized... who BETTER to teach time management than someone who continues to need to focus on it? So I teach this in all of my courses but it's the first time I've shared it here.

Why it matters


  If you feel balanced and are certain you're spending time on things that matter most to you and that fills up the majority of your time, and you are happy with that, that's great! Something like this weekly plan sheet wouldn't be necessary for you. Maybe still fun, but not necessary. 

If you are someone who feels the pull of home when you are working, and the pull of work when you are home - this system could be JUST what you are looking for. 

Wonder if you are spending enough time with your family, you need this. You can see how you are spending your time by looking at the colors and make decisions about how you want to spend time in the future. 

Feel guilty about taking even an hour to yourself? You need this. You'll see how much time you spend on everything else and feel A LOT less guilt about taking an hour to yourself when you can see by the color how much time you AREN'T spending on you. 

Not sure why you're so tired all the time? This is for you. It will help you easily see if you are out of balance with work, home, and rest time just by glancing at the colors. 

Sick of justifying saying no - or feeling guilty when you say no? You need this. When you can visually see how you are spending your time by looking at the colors, saying no becomes SO much easier. You can see how much or how little time you have to spend on requests for your time. 

Just curious what your schedule looks like in color? You want this! 

Want more headspace, time to meditate, and to do your own inner work? You want this.  


Time is your most valuable resource. You can never get it back. So it makes sense to treat it as the valuable resource it is. 


Your work will expand to fill the time you allow. That’s what makes setting boundaries around time so important. I have some questions for you to ponder. 


Are you making sure you are spending time doing things you love? Things that excite and delight you?

Are you spending time in a way that matches the things you value most? 

Are you spending enough time taking care of YOU? What about time on your relationships? 

If you AREN’T Spending time on things that you love, things that excite you, and things you value. Do you know why? Is that something you can change? 


Here's really cool FREE workbook to help you make sure you are spending time on the things that matter most to you AND a way to help you figure out what matters most.

Your free workbook (below) includes a template for the weekly plan I shared above AND instructions. It also includes a section that helps you determine if you are spending time on the things that matter most to you. Not sure what matters most? I've got you. There's also a section where you can think through what you value. How cool is that?!?

It's totally free.  

Just click here.  or go to


Let me know what you think!! 


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