Navigating the holiday dishes: eating during the holidays

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Navigating holiday dishes: eating during the holidays in healthy ways

The holidays are officially here along with all kinds of delicious holiday dishes. Navigating them can be really tricky! Not just because there are so many delectable treats to choose from in so many places, but because the holidays trigger emotions in many of us. And if you are an emotional eater, around all this holiday food and feeling emotionally triggered…. well, it leaves a lot of us wishing we had some help.

I’m here to help. Food is not often talked about as a drug, but it can offer the same addictive pleasures as alcohol, drugs or even sex. I mean, if you’ve ever tried food to stop feeling (or tried not eat for the same reason) sadness, boredom, anxiety, loneliness, or discomfort – well, you know as well as I do… it works.

The problem with using food as a drug

Using food as a drug can leave you still feeling all of those emotions along with a few other physical symptoms. Whether you are an over or under eater, mis-use of food can leave you with negative body image, weight problems, unhealthy blood fat or sugar levels, heart problems and more. And you STILL feel those emotions. So… what can we do?

As someone with intimate experience using food as a drug (quitting gluten, caffeine and cutting WAY back on alcohol all in the same year can have you mainlining salted caramel gelato if you aren’t careful), I have a lot to offer.

I know exactly what the pitfalls are. You can identify patterns in your behaviors and avoid triggers, I’ll show you how. My experiences have led me to some healthy replacement behaviors and coping mechanisms. I’m truly teaching what I know. This is an area I have personally struggled with….a lot. So I’ve done the research for you. I know what works and what doesn’t.

I understand what it feels like to successfully navigate the break room table one day and to succumb the next to the call of the stupid caramel corn. Oh, I get it. And I’ve been there. Some days, I still am there. But I know what to do and I’m ready to share my tools with you. This is NOT about dieting or diet. This is about behavior. Well, it’s a little about diet. We can’t live on salted caramel gelato, right? Right. But mostly, it’s about navigating those holiday dishes in a healthy and sustainable way.

Food Freedom

I have a new class I’m going to be  launching in 2017 called “Food Freedom”. It’s official launch won’t be until after the new year, but I know we all need some help now with all the amazing holiday dishes around. So I’m offering it FOR FREE when you purchase Meditation 101 and Manifesting Miracles online courses. For more information, check out my Black Friday Special which is good through Monday, November 28.

It’s is so great, why is it free?

I bet you are wondering why I’d offer it for free. Simple. I would like to use your testimony for the launch. That’s why I’m giving it away FREE to everyone who signs up for Meditation 101 and Manifesting Miracles.

A thank you for reading this far… 3 tips to help during the food-filled holidays

Here are three tips you can use today!!

  1. If you find yourself over or under eating… ask yourself about the pleasure you experience in your daily life. Are you eating to find pleasure? Or to deny yourself pleasure? If yes to either – try to allow yourself pleasure in a non-food related way.
  2. Plan something to do today that will bring you joy and make a point to do it. Make it an appointment with yourself. Savor it. It cannot be food. Maybe it’s playing a game with your kids, having a cup of tea with a friend, reading a magazine, taking a bath, making love, putting together a puzzle, taking a walk… whatever! Just find something to do you really enjoy.
  3. Talk to someone. Even if that someone is your journal or your dog. Express some of the things you are feeling. It will help.

Here is to healthy eating in a healthy way and maybe even enjoying a holiday dish once in a while!! If you like this, please share or click “like”.

All my love,